Reasons to be Cheerful – Bedtime

Bed (2)

Is there a better feeling than slipping in between freshly laundered sheets after a long day? Well yes, actually, there is – slipping in between freshly laundered sheets after a long day when you’ve also just purchased new pillows and a new duvet!

I’d been planning to treat myself after moving back home anyway since I had some Amazon vouchers burning a hole in my account, but knowing I’d be having a crappy week at work this week, and knowing I’d be shattered after a weekend away, I decided to order them specifically so that they’d arrive in time for my homecoming.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Sure, stripping my bed wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing having just got in from a long journey (note to self: next time order so it arrives the day before you go away), but man, it was worth it. A moment of pure unadulterated joy right there. It really is the small things! Of course, getting out of my new cocoon wasn’t quite so pleasant, but you gotta take the rough with the smooth people.

Just one thing though – I had £40 in my Amazon account and I chose to buy bedding? Really? That is what constitutes a treat these days? Not a Lindy Bop dress or a pair of Kurt Geigers?? How times change….



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