Outfit: Just Another Dress…

Just Another Dress 6

So today I’m bringing you a dress.

And that’s all for today, see ya next time….

Just kidding! Obviously I’m going to waffle on for a little bit longer yet – you don’t get away that easily! I’m only half joking though, because I really don’t have all that much to say about this outfit. It’s just a really nice dress. It isn’t even a dress I haven’t featured before, and I’ve styled it not a million times differently to how I wore it last time, but here it is.

I almost didn’t bother posting these photos because it struck me it wasn’t ‘blogworthy’ to write a post about yet another dress with boots, and not even a new one at that. Sometimes I feel such a pressure to say something ‘meaningful’ in these posts that I seem to forget the reason I started blogging in the first place – because I liked talking about what I wear, and well, this is something I wore, so why wouldn’t I post about it, groundbreaking or not? It got me thinking about this whole blogging lark. What happens when I run out of things to say? I mean, I don’t think I will ever completely run out of things to say, otherwise humans would simply stop speaking altogether, and that would be a weird world to live in, let’s face it. But there is only so much you can say about a dress, right? It’s a dress. It’s nice. The end. It’s easy to see how blogging can become an expensive business, making you constantly want to buy MORE STUFF just to have something new to say. But that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Right now, I’ve been going through a bit of a clothes binge – mainly because of the change in seasons (and when I say that I literally mean the weather – I just don’t care enough about true ‘fashion’ to know what is hot this ‘season’…) But let me be clear, my life is not one long shopping spree, even if I do talk about shopping an awful lot. I simply don’t have the disposable income for that, and if I did, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with spending at that rate. The fact is, what I do buy tends to either be a sale bargain or second hand, and the clothes I post are very rarely brand new, and maybe that means I’m not the most attractive read for a lot of people. I’m ok with that though, because it’s the reality of my life. I wear my dresses more than once. When I like them as much as this one, I wear them trillions of times. And eventually I might run out of things to say about them, but that probably won’t stop me posting about them – and I’m hoping that’s a positive thing rather than a negative thing!

Just Another Dress 1Just Another Dress 2Just Another Dress 5Just Another Dress 7Just Another Dress 3Just Another Dress 8Just Another Dress 10Just Another Dress 4Just Another Dress 9

I do promise to try a look other than 70’s boho next time I post it though, I promise…!



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10 thoughts on “Outfit: Just Another Dress…

  1. It’s a very pretty dress! I totally agree with you about fashion blogging forcing you to buy new clothes just to have something to show/say. But recently, I have been getting into capsule wardrobes and second-hand shopping and I have been talking about that. It’s actually a lot more fun than shopping a lot.

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  2. I love this outfit! Especially all the brown accessories. And well, Im the same with clothes. I wish I had the money to purchase what I want, but unfortunately I dont lol. I usually shop in cheaper stores or online (im obsessed with fashion nova). Btw. I followed your blog! 😉

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ve been thinking lately about how I could post differently, I wouldn’t want to just stop talking about it – I started this blog because I love looking at and talking about clothes! But I also think I could make more of the fact I’m very frugal, maybe posts about restyling old pieces or how I buy based on my preferences rather than what’s ‘in fashion’? Lots to think about! X


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