Reasons to be Cheerful – Bank Holiday Sunshine

So it seems Mother Nature finally decided she’d taken the piss out of enough this year and decided to bless us with the rarest and most wonderful of things – a Bank Holiday weekend full of gorgeous, Summery weather. Not just one day – a whole three days of back to back sunshine, blue skies and not a cloud in sight! It has been just perfect, if a little overdue…

I didn’t expect it at all, because on Monday we woke up to ice on the car and on Tuesday I fell under the wrath of the worst cold I’ve suffered in a long while, so temperatures of 25 degrees plus seemed beyond my wildest dreams. Especially when there was a long weekend on the cards! But it’s here, and it’s paved the way for the most wonderful few days. Work was sucky and will be sucky either side, but with the sun blazing in the sky and all and sundry desperate to invite us over for a BBQ we haven’t really had time to care! Somehow great weather seems to lengthen out the day, and despite the fact we’ve done an awful lot of socialising (and eating, obvs…) we also seemed to have managed to achieve so much in the last few days. We’ve gardened, cleaned the house top to bottom, laid some paving slabs, washed what seems like every item of clothing we own, rearranged the drinks collection (finally), been to the gym, and Dan even managed to get up on the roof to get the moss off the tiles, a task he’s been putting off for quite some time! So I’m just a better person when the sun shines. Maybe I really should look to emigrate??

Now, I’d love to stop and tell you about it all, but I have date with yet another BBQ to get to (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many burgers as I have this weekend!) so I must dash! That G&T won’t pour itself!

Bank Holiday Sunshine 1

Hope you too have had a fabulous Bank Holiday!



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