Fantasy Friday – J Crew Stella Heels

I’ve never been all that much a fan of chunky sandals. I spent most of my pre and early teens obsessed with them, so I guess maybe there is something I’ve always found just that little bit too nostalgic about them. There is something decidedly 90’s about a big, clompy heel, and as much as I know that is all the rage right now, it’s always made me worry that I’m dressed like a 13 year old!

Recently that has started to change though. I’ve found myself more and more and more attracted to chunkier styles I’d have previously overlooked. Especially when they look like this:

J Crew Stella 1J Crew Stella 2

Stella Sandals, J Crew, £218

I mean, how many bows exactly?? We all know how I feel about bows, and not only do these have oodles of them, they also come in the sweetest colour combos of sugary pinks or cool blues. It’s odd really, that I’ve previously not gone for this style as I see it as a bit childlike, and now the one that’s changed my mind could not really get more cutesy and playful, but there you go. I genuinely love them and would happily wear them all day long- which I could, because for a change they are a little more sensible of heel! The pink ones really do appeal to my feminine side, but I’m also crazy about those beautiful blue hues. I’m honestly not sure I know which one I like the best!

Maybe both (in my dreams… and they will definitely haunt my dreams…)



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5 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – J Crew Stella Heels

  1. Hi Steph , these chunky heel are just too gorgeous!! I will settle for the blue , but the pink ones are calling my name a little louder ! Now to figure out how to pay for them, hmmm…. Thank you for post , hugs, Terri xo.

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