Outfit: Wrapped Up in Wrap Dresses

Wrap 8

It’s been an incredible Summer, I think all will agree, which means that for once in my life I have actually had ample opportunity to wear all those dresses taking up every spare corner of my wardrobe! And boy, have I been making the most of that opportunity. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn trousers in the last 3 months, and I’ve absolutely LOVED every minute!

There has been one style of dress in particular that I’ve been favouring this year though, and I’m largely blaming Primark for bringing out about a billion of them in close succession – yes, the little printed, ruffled wrap dress! My obsession with all things ruffled and wrap shaped started in the Winter when I picked up this darling little thing, and hasn’t subsided even the slightest bit just yet. It’s not hard to see why – my love for tea dresses is well documented, and the flattering, girly shape of this style just takes them up a notch, adding a little fun and interest to what was already a year round staple for me.

The main difference it has bought is that previously my tea dress collection got most of it’s wear in the colder months with tights, because I don’t tend to have the confidence to go bare legged in them. That has changed with the introduction of this frilly little team mate though. It’s just such a fun and flirty look that I didn’t feel willing to wait for the rains to come to wear them!

Plus, it’s been so darn hot that I’d have gone out in a bikini if it was considered appropriate….

Wrap 3Wrap 9Wrap 10Wrap 6Wrap 12Wrap 11Wrap 4Wrap 7Wrap 5Wrap 13Wrap 14



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