Outfit: The Forgotten Skirt

Forgotten Skirt 4My name is Steph, and I am a hoarder. There I said it.

I’m a hoarder of fashion, I should say. Not your average hoarder. I promise my house isn’t full of empty yoghurt pots and broken umbrellas or something. Just oodles and oodles of clothes and shoes. I do wear them, largely, so I don’t feel all that guilty, to be honest, about the size of my wardrobe and the wonderful things inside it, though people often make me feel as though I should. But I do have a terrible habit, and that is that I just can’t let go of those few things I no longer wear.

It could be because I don’t fit into it any more, and have a potentially futile dream that one day I will. Sometimes it’s something that just doesn’t suit me at all, but it’s so beautiful that I dream one day I’ll wake up with a completely different body/face/hair and magically it will be perfect on me. Or maybe I just have nostalgic memories attached to it that make me feel like I can’t part with it, despite it being the kind of thing that I just don’t really wear anymore (I’m looking at you, sequin mini dresses and platform peep toes!). Sometimes though, I’ve simply got bored of something. I’ll tell everyone I’ve had a clear out, and true to form I’ll have filled a bag with things that haven’t seen the light of day for a good while. And I will tell everyone, myself included, that I’ll put them on eBay or take them to the charity shop. But that is a filthy lie. Instead they will languish in a cupboard or under the bed for an eternity, because of all the what ifs. What if I lose weight? What if it comes back into fashion? What if I have to go to a fancy dress party as a hot, slim, 23 year old?? YOU NEVER KNOW, IT COULD HAPPEN!

Ok, that last one isn’t likely to occur, like, EVER, but one of those things does crop up every now and then – something you thought you’d long lost interest in suddenly becomes ‘trendy’ again! Hands up who has been busily dusting of old leopard print favourites recently?! It’s awesome, right? Like shopping without spending money! Which brings me to the forgotten skirt this post is all about (God I am good at waffling, right? Do you think you can list that on a CV as a skill?) I bought this Primark skirt a few years ago when midis and pleats has just started to get popular. They’ve never really gone away – a little flick through my archives will show I am still more than a little partial to a floaty midi skirt! But for some reason I decided this one wasn’t quite for me. Until recently, when pleats started to infiltrate pretty much every nook and cranny of the high street again and I remembered this little gem was hidden away under my bed. And thank God! What on earth was I thinking?? It was absolutely the perfect neutral to go with my favourite new cami from Oasis, and I won’t be overlooking it again!

Forgotten Skirt 5Forgotten Skirt 2Forgotten Skirt 7Forgotten Skirt 9Forgotten Skirt 10Forgotten Skirt 12Forgotten Skirt 6Forgotten Skirt 8Forgotten Skirt 11Forgotten Skirt 3Forgotten Skirt 1



In this post: Tie Shoulder Cami, Oasis (Still available in other colours) – White Pleated Skirt, Primark (Similar) – Suede Shoes, Dorothy Perkins (Similar)

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13 thoughts on “Outfit: The Forgotten Skirt

  1. Love this look 😍 sexy and sweet!

    My mom is a hoarder too. She had a balcony on the second storey, that’s where she puts all of her stuff since I was teenage until now. We never open the door to the balcony for years. Hope to do something about it soon.

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  2. Oh my gosh this pleated midi is just sooo cute on you Steph! I love how feminine it is on you with the cami and shoes that match the cami. I know what its like not being able to let go of clothes ! Take care Terri xo.

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