Outfit: Dora The Explorer

Dora 3

I’m not really a hat person. That isn’t to say I don’t like them, because I absolutely do. I love how they keep you cosy, I love how they cover up a bad hair day, and most of all, I love how they give you an opportunity to add a bit of interest to a Winter outfit, since I pretty much feel like a walking coat for the majority of this time of year. Thing is though, I’m just not convinced they suit me.

Everything about a hat – no matter the style – works in theory. I see them on other people, I plan cute little outfits around them, and it’s all going well. Then I plonk one on my head and it all goes wrong. The vision I had in my head just doesn’t seem to work out in real life. No matter how hard I try, the hat just seems to sit there awkwardly, a bit like lost property. An item that simply doesn’t belong, something that has been dropped into an unexpected location and forgotten about – that is what hats look like on me. I might as well be walking around with a cat or a tea set up there. Seriously. Maybe I just have an oddly shaped head? Who knows.

Anyway, despite this natural inability to look good in headwear, I seem to insist on trying it. I just can’t seem to accept that berets are all kinds of wrong. I duly pop one on, fiddle with it for about three hours until it’s in a position I find barely acceptable (which will inevitably shift to an entirely different spot within about two seconds of walking away from the mirror…) and then spend the day feeling horribly awkward and vow never to do it again. Until, of course, I log into Instagram, see someone adorable rocking one as part of an incredible ensemble – then the whole sorry cycle starts again. I so want to be a hat person. They just don’t like me as much as I like them!

So of course, I have done the only sensible thing and branched out into YET MORE HATS! My ex used to tell me anyone in a hat like this was clearly a conceited d*** (for reasons he could never really explain…) so you’d think that might be enough to convince me not to attempt being a little more adventurous, but no, I am a glutton for punishment! I’m giving it a go anyway! And actually, I have to say, I’m kinda enjoying it! I feel a tiny bit less like a numpty than I do in a beret. Although, I do  feel a little bit like I might resemble an Indiana Jones style explorer. Not sure which is better…

Dora 1Dora 8Dora 2Dora 5Dora 6Dora 7Dora 4

What are your thoughts – yay or nay to hats, people??



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15 thoughts on “Outfit: Dora The Explorer

  1. Oh my gosh Steph you look so cute in this outfit including the hat!! I love your posts featuring dresses and Skirts for sure but this autumn into winter look is top class. the Tea dress ties it all together , the black dress with floral print compliment the leggings and then the black hat. I love your boots and handbag with the belt . I definitely say yay to you in hats . Thanks for the post, Terri xo.

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  2. Yay to hats, for sure! I love how they look, but I get self-conscious wearing them because I think other people are like, “Why is she wearing a hat?” But…I digress…Shove away the “Indiana Jones” thoughts because this hat looks great on you!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

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