Fantasy Friday – Collectif X ModCloth Nina Dress

Oh Nina. Aren't you just the sweetest?? With your yards of delicate mesh and pretty pink embroidered petals, you might just be the most authentic looking vintage repro dress I've seen in ages. I can see Sandra Dee skipping about in you as clear as day in my mind, except it isn't actually Sandra Dee, … Continue reading Fantasy Friday – Collectif X ModCloth Nina Dress

Saturday Shopping – Fitzwilliam Collection @ Oasis

Question: Will Oasis ever create a collaboration collection I don't fall in love with? Answer: Not likely, not if they continue to look like this, anyway...! Just when I thought they couldn't possibly create another range of florals for me to be obsessed with, they go and do another vintage collaboration, the wiley minx's! The … Continue reading Saturday Shopping – Fitzwilliam Collection @ Oasis