Outfit: Hippy Chic

Hippy 1

It isn’t all that often I find myself with a gap in my wardrobe (both figuratively and literally…) My wardrobe is pretty much full to bursting and as much as I like to think up creative ways of justifying new purchases all the time, I think we all know I’ve pretty much got all scenarios covered. I don’t have a need for any new clothing. Every now and then though, I find one. Every now and then a style starts appearing in stores left right and centre that I realise solves a definite fashion quandary for me, and that is pretty much how I found myself in possession of this little beauty!

Let me give you some background – I hate tights. Hate them with a passion. I hate how they get bobbly and scruffy after about two wears. The way they bunch and wrinkle around your toes and ankles when you try to wear them with shoes. The way they start creeping slowly down your thighs when the elastic in the waistband decides to give up on you out of nowhere, forcing you to keep ducking into dark corners every five minutes to keep hoiking them up. And don’t even get me started on the dog hair problem… I hate everything about the damn things. Thing is though, in contrast, I LOVE dresses. I love feeling feminine and girly and put together, and a dress does that for me in ways that trousers or jeans just don’t, and, well, since I live in England and have gotten to the age where I’m just not willing to freeze in the name of fashion, tights are a necessary evil. I have to put up with them for a certain portion of the year because I’m not willing to forgo wearing frocks, but I will wear them for the shortest time I can possibly get away with, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment the temperature starts nudging into double figures I’ll be casting them aside in glee!

So you can imagine how disappointing it was for me that Winter decided to cling on as long as bloody possible this year! Snow in freakin’ March, for God’s sake – how unjust is that?? So I had to wait a little longer than usual to start baring my pins, because the weather simply wasn’t warm enough to wear most of my tea dresses, which are a little on the short side for 10 degree weather – I know some hip young things can probably get away with it, but I’m just not sure I can pull of hypothermia at my age! If only there were something pretty and girly that covered a little more flesh (aside from all those 50’s style frocks I have, which I only seem capable of buying in sleeveless styles…)?

Enter the long sleeved midi dress! 70’s style, folky midi dresses seem to have had somewhat of a resurgence this Spring, and thank God, because they are just the ticket for keeping those cornbeef legs obscured from view a little while still looking pretty and delicate, particularly when paired with ankle boots! I actually first spotted this black, ditsy floral number way back in the depths of Winter, but had a long wait for it’s debut (thanks, Beast From The East…!) as it didn’t quite look right with tights somehow. I had a picture in my head immediately of me airing it with chunky boots and a leather jacket, so when the snow finally melted and it wasn’t sub zero outside, it was one of the first things I reached for. I actually did a little happy dance the day I wore it, all full of relief to have turned my back on tights again until Autumn! Of course, in a cruel twist of fate, the weather has actually been rather glorious since, but with that lovely lightweight fabric that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

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Only problem now is that once I realised what a lifesaver this style was, I obviously wanted to go out and buy it in every print and colour available! I haven’t been too bad though – only one other has been purchased so far this year, and that should be plenty enough to see me through!




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