Outfit: Winter Blossoms

Winter Blossoms 4

My displeasure at the UK climate through the Winter months is well documented so I will do my best not to dwell on that for the hundredth time, but essentially, this is yet another post about how hard I find it to dress in my usual girly, feminine style during Winter (without freezing to death, at least) – sorry!

I find my ways to feel pretty though! Normally by way of wearing something completely over the top for the occasion, much like this skirt! With it’s gauzy, organza style fabric it’s a lot dressier than I’d normally wear for a normal day at work. When you feel like you’ve been bundled up in bulky jumpers and boots for months on end though, it helps to put on something super light and floaty and covered in petals so sometimes you just have to bring out the fancy frocks and be done with it! As it turns out, despite being quite Summery in it’s appearance it actually fares quite well as Winter wear – it’s a little on the sheer side so thick black tights underneath is a bit of an added bonus! I’ve always felt a little self conscious of looking ‘overdressed’ but I actually received a huge amount of compliments which made me feel a lot better – maybe everyone else is bored of seeing jumpers and jeans too!

Winter Blossoms 1Winter Blossoms 7Winter Blossoms 6Winter Blossoms 11Winter Blossoms 12Winter Blossoms 3Winter Blossoms 2Winter Blossoms 13Winter Blossoms 9Winter Blossoms 10Winter Blossoms 8Winter Blossoms 5

Of course, it’s hard to feel anything but fabulous when you’re wearing boots like these! As you may well know, I zero’d in on these back in at the end of the Summer pretty much as soon as Zara released them, and was thrilled when I managed to pick them up at a bargain price in The Canaries while on holiday. It has felt like a long and torturous wait for it to be dry enough weather to wear them (not going to risk ruining these beauties in all that snow we’ve been having lately…) but they have managed the odd outing here and there. They’ve proved a little trickier to style than I thought they would be given their monochrome colours, but they really do add a ‘special’ edge to an outfit that makes me feel a million bucks so they’re definitely worth the effort!

Given that Spring seems to be dragging it’s damn heels, I might get a few more opportunities to wear them yet – at least there is one good thing about the cold!



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11 thoughts on “Outfit: Winter Blossoms

    1. Thank you! Yes, me too – I bought a couple of heavily embroidered dresses from Chicwish this month that I’m absolutely desperate to wear but it’s still a little too chilly! I keep popping to my wardrobe just to look at them…! x

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      1. One I can as it’s black, but it just won’t be quite the look I had planned. The other one is cream so I don’t think it will look quite right. Fingers crossed for a few degrees warmer soon! x

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