Saturday Shopping – Royal Worcester Collaboration @ Oasis

People – I’m afraid to tell you that it just isn’t safe to go near Oasis anymore.

It’s always been a bit of a threat to the old bank balance has Oasis, with the constant parade of beautiful pieces taunting me from the shop window and the regular emails they send me (yeah, I really should cancel that newsletter subscription…) but things are just getting silly now. I’m pretty sure they are one of the most featured High Street brands on here, and are definitely one of my all time favourites thanks to their ability to produce classic styles with a modern edge, season after season. Their biggest strength though over the last few years has definitely been prints. Their standard ranges have always been strong in this area, but where they have really shone is their collaborations, and this latest one is a shining example.

This time they have paired up with The Museum of Royal Worcester and taken inspiration from the china archive to produce an absolutely stunning range of vintage style floral prints. This one also resonates with me because Royal Worcester has it’s roots firmly based in the West Midlands where I live, so extra bonus points for provenance! Now, I know I’ve said it before, but yet again, I literally couldn’t think of a range more suited to my tastes – I think this one is my all time favourite. No, I really mean it this time you guys!! I’ve told you before that I’m often made fun of for my love of fabrics that look like Grandma’s curtains – well, why stop at soft furnishings? I’ve always been a bit of a fancier of vintage tea sets, so the idea of lifting those pretty patterns right off the china and placing it on a beautiful skirt or dress?? Oh hells yeah, let me at them!! Thing is though, there are so many of the darn things that even if I allow myself to buy just one item, it will definitely all be sold out by the time I manage to make a decision. I mean, just look what happened with the On To Points? It’s inevitable.

If you think you’re more capable of applying sense and reason to a purchase, you can find my personal favourite pieces below BUT…. Be warned! Reading any further may cause serious and lasting issues with your will power. You can find all of these and more here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

See what I mean?? If I was forced to decide, I’d probably have to go with one of those cold shoulder dresses, but I’m not exaggerating when I say it would cause me sleepless nights having to leave the rest behind! I mean, china comes in sets right? Aren’t you supposed to collect them all?

How about you, which one would you choose?






Fantasy Friday – J Crew Eyelet Shirtdress

If there is one thing that says Summer for me, it’s a crisp, white Summer dress.

Actually…. scrap that. There are a million things that say Summer to me, to be honest. Freshly cut grass, Pimms, beer gardens, BBQs, sunshine, the smell of suncream, not having to wear a jacket, gingham, the sound of waves lapping, ice lollies etc, etc. The list is pretty endless. Crisp white Summer dresses DO feature on it though. Somewhere between sandals and it not getting dark until 10pm, probably. Anyway, it’s up there with the rest of them as one of the things that really makes me feel like the happy season has finally arrived. Whilst I’ve written about how you can still wear white in Winter, it really does look it’s best in the Summer months as a contrast against the bright blue sky and lush green scenery, particularly when floaty, and resting on freshly bronzed skin!

Despite this, I don’t actually own very many of them. There is a very good reason for that, which we’ll come onto presently, but if I was in the market for a new one, this one would definitely rank highly on the maybe list:

J Crew Eyelet Dress
Eyelet Shirt Dress, J Crew, £152

I love everything about this dress. The midi length, which is a firm favourite of mine as I hate my knobbly knees. The cute eyelet design, which adds a bit of texture. The sleeveless shirt style, which means it’s demure enough to wear to the office. Yep, it ticks all the boxes. Sadly, it will never be mine though. Not just because of the price, which is just far more than my budget will allow for a casual frock, but because of that thing I mentioned earlier – the reason I don’t own a lot of white garments despite thinking them the ultimate neutral.

See, unfortunately I just can’t be trusted. A bright white canvas on me is just begging to be spilled on, sadly. I don’t think there has ever been an occasion when I’ve worn something white and not found it looking less than immaculate within an hour of putting it on. Case in point: last week, when my boyfriend picked me up from the station rather embarrassedly trying to hide the giant Coke stain down the front of my once crisp, white tee, caused by me opening a rather fizzy bottle in too much haste. Sometimes it isn’t even due to spillage. There was that time I had to stop off at Tesco to buy a new top on the way to a BBQ because my lovely new floaty cami had inexplicably become covered in black smudges somewhere between leaving the house and doing up my seatbelt (which was just as well really, because BBQ? And a white cami? Come on Steph…)! And many a time have I pulled what I swore was a clean top out of my bag on a weekend away only to find unexplained stains all over it. So you see I just can’t justify spending upwards of £100 on a dress I just know I’ll ruin in time, no matter how cute it would look with wedges and a little denim jacket….

If you know of any cheaper versions though, be sure to let me know! I might be a spiller, but I’m only human!




Outfit: Not Quite Neon

Neon 5.jpg

So, despite my poor attempts last week, I actually have been working on that whole upping my casual wear game thing lately, so I thought it was time I showed you the fruits of my labour! Yes, I know, you lucky, lucky things! I had a few opportunities to ‘dress down’ recently with a couple of date nights after work, so I did my best to resist doing my usual and just throwing on jeans and a tee. Instead, I threw on jeans and a blouse, which is totally different.

Ok, it’s not totally different. It’s basically the same. And that’s how I realised that this belief I had that I couldn’t ‘do’ casual was all in my head. I’ve spent such a long time telling myself there is some sort of secret to dressing down, like I would need to go out and buy a whole new category of clothing to make it work. But it turns out all I had to do was stick on a blouse instead of a t-shirt. Who knew? Um, probably everybody, but still, it was a startling revelation to me.

Part of the reason I’ve always struggled with casual outfits is that I’ve always felt a little dowdy in flats, so to keep me from feeling too drab I went with a blouse that I’d normally see as quite dressy, thanks to the draped front and silky fabric. The blouse in question was a recent eBay purchase. It’s originally from Oasis and is a bit of a departure from my usual colour choices as that rather lovely, Eastern style floral print is actually neon. Neon tones are not those which I’d normally go for – they’re just a little too ‘in your face’ for me – but the way the print fades around the edges means they’re bright yet subtle, and pop nicely against the black background without looking to gaudy (pop – soz, I’m aware that I just used one of those cringey ‘fashion’ phrases, but it’s true!) I didn’t want to over-do the black, and I certainly don’t have any neon accessories to try and match the tones of the blouse, so I opted instead for a nude bag and shoes in the form of my new favourite flats by Glamorous, which are unbelievably comfortable thanks to that secret wedge in the heel, and this Dune ‘Deannah’ tote bag, which, after my Kate Spade Laurel Wesley Place, is probably the most likely to be seen adorning my arm thanks to the fact it goes with EVERYTHING and it’s Mary Poppins-like capacity!

Neon 2Neon 7Neon 8Neon 4Neon 6Neon 3Neon 10Neon 9

Neon 1

So, now that I’ve discovered that the art to dressing down just means wearing what I’d wear to work, just with flat shoes, you can probably expect to see many more almost identical variations of this exact outfit sometime soon. Sorrrreeeeeeyyyyy!

I’m still a little gutted I can’t use it as an excuse to go shopping though….



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Outfit: The Jeggings I Can’t Live Without

Jeggings 4.jpg

I found out something kind of disturbing the recently. My Mum and I wear the same jeggings. The exact same ones. Well, not the same actual pair, ’cause that really would be weird! But the same Brand, style, colour – all identical except for the size.

I dress the same as my Mother. I think we all know the time will come, but I guess I didn’t realise it would come so soon!

I can’t really blame her for adopting my all time favourite jeggings, the ‘Eden’ by Dorothy Perkins, because they really are perfect. They are made of a lovely thick, soft denim, but have just the right amount of stretch. They have back pockets, which is an essential for me, and a lovely wide, mid rise waistband that doesn’t gape or squeeze. They are also just the right length, which is rare for me, and after a good couple of years purchasing them I’m happy to say not one pair has fallen victim to the dreaded saggy knee! The best thing about them, though, is that Dotty P’s has continued to stock them for the last few years now, and regularly release new shades. I should know – this red pair were one of my most recent purchases which took me up to 6 in total, and I won’t stop there! They were a replacement for a worn out old Primark pair and I’d happily replace every other one if I spotted the right colours.

Jeggings 5Jeggings 3Jeggings 9Jeggings 6Jeggings 2Jeggings 7Jeggings 8Jeggings 1

Here I’m also wearing my new favourite shoes of the moment, my ASOS ‘Leona’ flats. I have quite a few pairs of printed flats – mainly because I just rarely find flats exciting so I’m always looking for something to increase the fun factor – but I have found they can be quite hard to integrate into an outfit. I never could resist stripes though, particularly on shoes for some reason, so I threw caution to the wind and bought them anyway and I’m so glad I did. They’re actually far more versatile than I thought they’d be (as are the red jeans, funnily enough) and I haven’t had any problems getting some wear out of them. That shouldn’t be too surprising though – I do own a lot of stripes!

My mum hasn’t got a pair of these either, so there is always that….!



P.S – This is not that effort I said I was going to make at upping my casual wear game! Just so you know!

Saturday Shopping – Flamingos

I know. Just last week I was kinda making fun of the strange flamingo epidemic that seems to have gripped the high street lately. And now here I am writing a post encouraging you to buy some. What can I say, I’m a fickle being.

I’m still kind of bemused at how and why the feathered creature has suddenly become such a hit, but I have to admit, since I wrote that post I’ve started feeling an odd affection for them. I mean, honestly? They’re a bit kitsch for my liking – and I’m normally a fan of kitsch – so I don’t think I’m likely to suddenly start posting tropical, copacabana prints head to toe accessorized with novelty handbags anytime soon, even if they are a bit retro. But I have started to think the odd little abstract print here and there maybe wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it? Like this little lot?

Top Row: Clarissa Dress, Lindy Bop, £36 – Tiered Cami, Oasis, £24 – Bikini, Oasis, £34 – Stripe Dress, Sugarhill Boutique, £39.50

Middle Row: Flamingo Skirt, Cutie, £42Flamingo Tee, Oasis, £30 – Coral Dress, Yumi, £35 – Crop Top, Cutie, £26

Bottom Row: Sammy Dress, Lindy Bop, £33 – Skater Dress, Yumi, £50 – Simona Dress, Collectif, £60 – Tabby Dress, Lindy Bop, £30

The boy disagrees. He doesn’t believe flamingos belong on dresses. But then he also doesn’t believe fruit belongs on dresses either, and we all know he’s wrong about that, because otherwise my beloved Louche Kiah dress wouldn’t be a thing!

Fruit doesn’t belong on dresses, whatever next? It’s a good job he is AWESOME!



Fantasy Friday – Casadei Techno Blade Sandals

So, last week’s fantasy shoes were rather cute and ladylike weren’t they? The very picture of demurity, despite the whimsical bow and polka dot print! I’m still rather sweet on them, let me tell you, but this week I’ve decided to feature something a little different. Completely different, actually! The total opposite in fact!

Enter the Casadei Techno Blade Sandal:

Techno Blade
Techno Blade, Casadei, £670

Isn’t she just glorious?? There is something a little nostalgic about this shoe for me – it’s a bit of a hark back to the sky high sandals I lusted over when my shoe obsession really started to take hold years ago. And that bold blue and green colour combination? It’s almost a little bit noughties (‘colour blocking’ – remember ‘colour blocking’? All anyone talked about was ‘colour blocking’!) but without all that horrid clumpiness. Let’s face it, nothing could look clumpy with that beautiful, sleek blade heel that Casadei have become so famous for, could it? And yet despite the vague feeling you’ve seen them before, they also have a very futuristic feel to them thanks to the metallic details in the back and the sharp edges. They almost look industrial! Innovative and modern, yet elegant and classic, both at the same time? That’s a tricky feat to pull off, yet Casadei have managed it with ease in this design.

I’m a little surprised to realise that I haven’t actually featured a Casadei shoe here before, and I can’t for the life of me think why! I’ve been a longtime fan of the label since I first saw the now signature blade heel a few years back, and I’d love to own at least one pair – I’m pretty sure they will go down in history as an iconic style. A quick look around their new arrivals tells me there actually aren’t many of their styles that I wouldn’t wear, to be fair. Sadly, the price tag that comes with a shoe this beautiful is likely to keep that fantasy from becoming a reality, but we can but dream, can’t we?

And I’ll definitely be dreaming about these beauties tonight!