Outfit: Feeling the Love

Valentines 4

As mentioned a few times now, I don’t really do Valentines Day. There are various reasons why which I won’t bore you with again, but the fact is, just because I don’t go to great, lavish lengths to celebrate the occasion itself, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take advantage of an opportunity to theme an outfit!

This is a habit of mine, trying to match my outfit to the occasion. Remember the green sequins for St Pat’s? Or the time I waited nearly a year to wear a seaside themed dress on a boat?? I just love putting an outfit together at the best of times, so when there is an specific event in mind it almost becomes a challenge, and one I relish at that! And of course, my style has always been very girly, so with Valentines being the most romantic, feminine holiday going, it was a no brainer that I’d have to wear something special on the day.

But here’s the thing. The clothes that typically come out around Feb 14th can be a little too sugary for me. I mean, I like girly, but I’m not really into head to toe pink and cartoon lipstick kisses! A good old fashioned heart print is right up my street though – sweet, but not too kitsch and when done well, not a million miles away from my old favourite, the polka dot, meaning it’s a year round thing rather than just a one day a year fling! Of course, it helps that it’s also a pretty darling shape, all nipped in at the waist a flared at the hips, but just short enough to be flirty and not too grown up. My favourite thing of all though is that rather than following the usual Valentines red and pink colour scheme, this one is just a classic black and white combo that isn’t too sickly. I had to throw a bit of ink in there though, didn’t I?! And how could I resist these stunning fuschia pink satin flats from my huge Marks & Spencers shoe sale binge earlier this year? I have a bit of an imaginary issue with wearing flats with tights. Something about the way they have a tendency to bunch and wrinkle around the toes and ankles really bothers me, which is why when you do see me wearing shoes with tights they are mary jane or lace up style (I say why as if that explains it, which it really doesn’t does it? I honestly don’t even get it myself. I think my solution is as made up as the problem is in the first place, but there you go!) With shoes this pretty though you have to push through your reservations and wear them anyway, and I’m pretty sure all the attention will have been on those dazzling brooches rather than my wrinkly ankles!! This isn’t really something I thought I’d ever say about flats, which I’ve always just considered as a necessity rather than something to be excited about, but I’m honestly besotted with them!

I just wish it would bloody stop raining for a moment so I could wear them some more!

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