Outfit: The Quest For The Perfect Tan Courts

Tan Shoes 2.jpg

I have lots of shoes.

Old news, I know. But it’s true. I have far more shoes than anyone could possibly really need, and then some. If I was completely honest with myself, I’d admit that there are a handful of pairs that I don’t really wear much anymore. That said, those pairs are small in number – the majority do get pretty frequent outings, and the ones that don’t I’ve kept because they hold sentimental value, so I probably won’t be getting rid of them any time soon. Still, I am more than aware that my collection is a little on the excessive side of the scale. With that in mind, I am always a little cautious these days while shoe shopping, and try to make a conscious effort to only buy footwear that fulfills a purpose, paying close attention to the colours and styles I already have and whether they are actually adequate before committing to yet another purchase. Obviously with so many to choose from, that means it is pretty rare I come across a genuine gap in the collection. And yet from time to time it happens, which is how I found myself on a quest for the perfect tan court shoes!

Last year I wrote this post all about the sad lack of a decent pair of tan court shoes in my life and I’ve been searching ever since, but it hasn’t been easy. For some reason, despite being (in my opinion) an essential neutral, no-one really seems to want to make what I was looking for – matt, tan, pointed toe and daytime appropriate heel height. I have no idea why, because to me that is the ultimate in a versatile shoe – I mean, no-one wants to wear black shoes every day, right?? Thankfully though, finally Zara came to my aid and released these beauties, so I can stop obsessing! I predicted back then that if I found the right ones I’d wear them constantly, and that certainly seems to be the case so far.

Tan Shoes 11Tan Shoes 5Tan Shoes 9Tan Shoes 3Tan Shoes 7Tan Shoes 10Tan Shoes 4Tan Shoes 6Tan Shoes 12Tan Shoes 8Tan Shoes 1

So thanks Zara for putting me out of my misery! I am eternally indebted to you! Now, if you could get a wriggle on with the perfect tan OTK boots too, that would be great…..



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