Summer Fashion Problems

Sunshine Yellow 1

Back in February I wrote a list of things I struggle with fashion wise during the Winter. Honestly, I didn’t ever consider that there would be a Summer Fashion Problems post, because let’s face it – Summer is usually a bit of a non-event in the UK. Normally, if we get three days on the trot of unbroken sunshine we call the season a success, but this Summer so far has been something else! Week upon week of endless sunshine and long, hazy evenings – this is weather like most of us have never seen before outside a foreign holiday! It’s been absolutely glorious – but it isn’t all good. As much as I’m LOVING all of this sunshine, even I have to admit, staying stylish in this heat is no easy task…..

The Constant Preening

While in the Winter personal grooming can take a back seat as our fuzzy legs and imperfectly varnished toes stay tightly under wraps, all that has to change when the sun comes out. Suddenly the stubble on your shins is very noticeable, and those chips in your toenail polish need tidying up as the sandals go into regular rotation. And don’t even get me started on the anxiety of exposing those paler, wobbly bits….

Sandal Rub

Why is it that even your favourite old flip flops seem to give your feet grief the first few times you wear them? It’s like they forgot how to cope with straps after a long, cosy Winter bundled up in fluffy socks! Ouch! And then of course you have the readed cracked heels to deal with…

Knicker Flashing

If you’re anything like me, when temperatures start soaring I can’t stand to wear anything too restrictive and end up turning to all things light and floaty. I absolutely love how girly and feminine I feel wearing a billowing midi skirt or sweet little sun dress. I feel nothing but humiliation, however, when a cheeky gust of wind picks up that sweet little sundress, throws it over your head and shows everyone on the 7.15 to Birmingham your pants. Oh the horror when you realise one of those people works in accounts downstairs from you…

Awkward Tan Lines

You know how it is – you’ve spent all day living it up in a beer garden quaffing Pimms, forgetting to consider that those oversized sunglasses and strappy backed cami to are going to leave some interesting white marks all over you! That maxi dress with the plunging back won’t look quite so classy now you look like a zebra, will it??

Gingham Dream 3

Zipper Burn

I don’t have to say much to explain this one do I? Hot sun + metal zipper = HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT HURT!!!

Melty Make Up

Do you ever feel like your freshly done face might just be sliding off of it’s own accord while you battle the trials of a sweaty morning commute? It’s hard to keep that gorgeous new bronzer on your cheeks in this heat, especially when you are trying to keep your SPF topped up! Even worse though is the melting that goes on it the depths of your handbag. There is nothing worse than realising a rogue lip crayon has lost it’s lid and covered the contents on your bag with a waxy red sheen…

Unexpected Sheerness

Ever had that horrid moment when you realise the perfect white Summer frock that looked so perfect in the artificial lighting of your bedroom is actually completely see through when under direct sunlight? Yeah. Not fun.

Sweaty Hair

My hair does not fare well in this heat. What starts the day as bouncy, shiny waves is reduced to a lank, sad looking mess within minutes of stepping outside. Thank god I decided against getting my fringe cut back in earlier this year! I would probably have ended up tearing it out in a rage!

Sweaty….. Everything!

God, the sweat. It’s relentless right now. I’ve always been lucky enough not to really suffer the pit stains, but man, I seem to be sweating everywhere else. My back. In between my thighs. Behind my knees. Even my elbows for christs sake! The number of times I’ve had to peel myself off a chair lately, wondering whether or not I’ve left a wet patch, is unprecedented. It’s just not sexy, is it? In fact it’s just plain gross!

Mellow Yellow 2

Now, I’d never wish this gorgeous weather away, but I’d find it all the more enjoyable without these pesky issues!

Tell me about your worst Summer fashion problems?



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23 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Problems

  1. I always shave my leggs and paint my toe nails. Also in winter. But the sweaty thing is horrible now with these temperatures! But I am not complaining! I love this Summer!

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    1. Ha, I admit I can be a bit of a slob when it comes to beauty rituals! No I can’t really complain either, I think I must have been a lizard in a former life, I much prefer the sun!


  2. Such a great post Steph. I love how you are able to expose the embarrassing details in your life on here! Summer is great , but when you get an unexpected long period of heat it does cause issues. Keeping the legs shaved is a task that needs to be taken care of! Also those windy days need to come with a short dress weather warning . Tan lines are a tough one to deal with for sure.I do perspire too so it is hard feel ladylike in those situations. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, hugs, Terri xo.

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  3. Oh my gosh this is so funny! AND you’ve just described the last two months of my life! It’s been so hot here! I’ve switched to using hardly any moisturizer in the morning cause of the oil slick on my face later in the day 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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