Outfit: Pops of Colour

Pops of Colour 7.jpg

Firstly, I know. I said ‘pops of colour’. Sorry, I’m cringing at myself right now for being so audacious as to believe I can get away with talking blogger speak. Thing is though, when you’re talking primary colours on a black background, ‘pop’ really does aptly describe the effect!

Primary colours aren’t usually my bag. I’m much more of a pastels or jewel tones kind of girl normally, shying away from the bold, bright primaries in case – god forbid – someone notices me. There is just something about pillar box red or cobalt blue that screams, ‘LOOK AT ME!!’ which isn’t a bad thing at all, but you know me – I’m more than happy to be a Wallpaper Wendy and blend in to the background! Red though, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, was a bit of an ‘it’ colour this year (ugh, I just did it again…) and I found myself drawn to it more and more, despite my usual tendencies. It’s a colour that is actually very flattering on us brunettes, and I seem to be acquiring more and more of it lately.

I haven’t completely changed though! I don’t think you’ll see me going head to toe brights just yet! For now I’m content with some subtle splashes of colour with classic neutral black, which really helps to showcase them. This folky, embroidered top was one of my Zara sale bargains earlier this year and has become a favourite ‘date night’ piece thanks to it not being too dressy, but still nicely pretty with that gauzy, spotted fabric. Also – the fact that it hides the telltale signs that I deffo ate a few too many pieces of sesame prawn toast on said date night…..!

Pops of Colour 2Pops of Colour 6Pops of Colour 4Pops of Colour 1Pops of Colour 11Pops of Colour 8Pops of Colour 5Pops of Colour 12Pops of Colour 3Pops of Colour 9Pops of Colour 10

Of course, any outfit featuring red needs the ultimate accessory – a slick of bold red lippie! Always a nice way to finish off, I find!



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