Reasons to be Cheerful – New Hair!

I love getting a haircut. There is something so therapeutic about stepping out of the salon with a new ‘do, feeling like a million bucks, all full of bounce as you walk down the street. And it feels like such a luxury – taking some time to yourself while someone washes your hair, massages your head, brings you coffee or sometimes even wine! That stuff they put on your hair – I swear it’s actually magic in a bottle. It smells so good and makes your hair so soft. What is that damn stuff?? The whole experience is a real pleasure for me. It’s almost like shedding a skin and I always emerge feeling like a brand new person.

So if I like it so damn much, why don’t I do it more often?? Well, because I am a chronic procrastinator. Not through laziness or lack of motivation, but because I cannot made a decision to save my life. I mean, I can. When it’s an important decision I’m all over that shiz. I can adult like a pro when I really need to. But the seemingly trivial things? Like what to eat at a restaurant, which clothes to pack for a weekend away, what style to chop my hair into next – I can deliberate over those things until the end of time, and I’m just not really sure why.

Deciding what to do with my hair seems to be the worst. It’s been a whole 18 months since I last got my hair cut, because I simply couldn’t make my mind up about what I wanted. I had ideas, a Pinterest board, an unhealthy obsession with Alexa Chung’s hair – all the makings of a decision, but zero commitment. It’s the same every time. I do a little dance where I decide I want a fringe, for example, and I’ll be happy with that for a few days. I’ll picture it in my head, look back on photos where I had one and plan the styles I’ll do. It will be fact that I am getting a fringe. But then the doubts creep in. Remember how annoying it is when it rains? Or gets sweaty? Or just WILL NOT DO WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO! And then I’m back to square one. This is also why my hair is normally long or short – I get a bob, then I get sick of it so I grow it out, then I get sick of it so I cut it all off again… and so on and so on!

This time was no different. Up until the moment I sat down in the chair I didn’t know what I wanted. In fact, I was kinda thinking ‘Jeez, my hair looks really good right now, maybe I should just leave it the way it is…’ (why do you always have the best hair days on the day you’re about to change it up??) I persevered though, and here’s what I ended up with! Thanks to my trip to Morocco in May I decided a fringe was not the way to go and went for this shoulder length chop instead, which I am absolutely loving!

New Hair 1

Well, for now anyway – I’m sure I’ll be over it in approximately 5 minutes and thinking about the next cut for another year and a half, but hey, for now, it’s perfection!



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12 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – New Hair!

  1. I’m exactly the same when it comes to getting my hair cut. I leave it to long between cuts it always ends up looking a mess and that drives me mad, but the hardest part is definitely deciding what to have done to it. What I think would look great never ends up like that. I love your new hair cut it really looks nice.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I normally go at least a year without a cut, think it was 18 months this time! My stylist is always nervous cutting off so much but it felt good to be rid of the dead weight! X


  2. Hi Steph, it is wonderful to step into a salon and get pampering by getting your hair washed ( feels so good when someone else does it) I am a big procrastinator too , you are not alone! Your haircut is perfection, you look gorgeous in the photo, you are right to be loving it! Have a nice night , hugs, Terri xo.

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