Outfit: The Trusty Tea Dress

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You know what I was saying last week about not showing you an endless parade of tea dresses with boots this Winter? Well, looks like that was a filthy dirty lie, doesn’t it? Last year definitely demonstrated that I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my personal style, but one thing is for sure – I just can’t ever picture a time when a little printed dress and boots with thick tights isn’t basically my Winter uniform! I can latch on to all the new trends I want (though honestly, I’m not sure I’d describe myself as a ‘trendy’ person – these days I’m mostly drawn to the tried and tested styles I know suit me best rather than those which are considered the latest ‘thing’) but I’m pretty sure I will always come back to this one.

It’s just such an effortless way to dress when the weather is cold! I’ve made my feelings clear on Winter fashion many of times – don’t like it, plain and simple. I despise tights and the fact that everything is a variation of black, grey or brown, I hate having to spend half an hour redressing myself everytime I leave a building and I just basically feel chunky, frumpy and drab for most of the season. I’m just not one of those people who can make jeans and a jumper look smart, so anything I can do to make myself feel a bit more ‘put together’ is a god send – enter the tea dress!

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My favourite thing about a tea dress is how versatile they are. I have an alarming quantity of them now, but I never have to worry about getting wear out of them, because they are appropriate all year round, and similarly can be worn for most occasions depending on your choice of footwear and accessories. Best of all, they require very little thought – simply throw them on over your tights with a cardigan or jacket for warmth and your ready to go! It’s amazing how often people will compliment you on a dress as opposed to an outfit featuring trousers, which is strange really since the latter might have had an awful lot of thought and effort put in to it. Seemingly people instantly assume you’ve made an effort if you put on a dress, which make it the perfect go to item for me when I’m getting dressed in the midst of a sleepy fog at 6am, taking literally seconds to select and put on, despite my vast array of prints and styles! So essentially they are even responsible for saving me hours of precious sleep if you spread that out across the year, which is a pretty impressive accolade for a humble little dress, isn’t it?

Bless you, tea dresses everywhere, and all who wear them! May they never go out of style – not that that would stop me!



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