Outfit: Same But Different

Another Dress 2.jpg

Oh hey guys, what’s this? A groundbreaking example of fashion at it’s highest? A completely new and different outfit idea?


This is just like every other outfit I’ve ever posted. It’s a cute little printed dress, with tights and boots. REVOLUTIONARY! To be fair, by March, I really hoped I’d be posting something different. I thought at least I might have cracked out the shoes by now. But no. The Beast From the East has other ideas, and we’re still in the bleak, mid-Winter. I know, it’s supposed to be Spring, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature it seems, because we’re still dealing with sub zero temperatures over here, and it SUCKS! It especially sucks when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, because honestly? I’m starting to run out of ideas.

At least it’s a cute dress, there is that at least. Little printed dresses are two a Penny all year round, but cute, long sleeved ones are harder to find. It definitely helps that this one was only £7.99 too – a ridiculous bargain I picked up in the Zara sale just after Christmas – one of those moments where you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing when you look at the price tag! As you know, tea dresses aren’t something I’m short of by any means, but I felt like this one, with the cute tie detail on the sleeves, wrap style and lovely bright pink and purple print, was special enough to earn a spot in the collection. I haven’t regretted it for one moment either – it’s had numerous outings already, particularly for my workwear options, where I’m always looking for that combination of warmth and prettiness!

Another Dress 3Another Dress 6Another Dress 8Another Dress 5Another Dress 9Another Dress 4Another Dress 7Another Dress 10Another Dress 1

One last thing – this might e little dress and tights number 7,548, but there is one slight difference. I’, wearing it with OTK boots. I’ve shown you tea dresses with knee highs, slouchy, and ankle boots, in black, tan and several other shades. But never OTK boots. So there. I can do something different after all. (Ah crap. Just found an old post where I’m wearing a little printed dress with OTK boots… Dammit. Back to the drawing board…!)



P.s – ‘Scuse the hot tub hair. But at least I get to say I had hot tub hair…

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7 thoughts on “Outfit: Same But Different

  1. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same-ish thing- it’s your signature style! On the other hand, I totally get the feeling of wanting to experiment more but the weather sucks

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