Please Don’t Tell Me I’m ‘Lucky’

Please Don’t Tell Me I’m ‘Lucky’

It's a given that announcing a pregnancy brings with it a lot of congratulations. It's a major life event and something a lot of us will look forward to with great anticipation. Even if you aren't one of the expectant parents yourself, the arrival of a new family member or the offspring of a close [...]

Please Don’t Ask Me When I’m Going To Have Children

It's been a long time coming, this post. I can't count the times I've sat down to write it and not been able to find the words. Or rather, I can find the words - approximately 6 billion of them swirling around in my messy brain on a regular basis. I've just never been able [...]

The Joy & Dread of the Liebster Award

Writing a blog was full of conflicts for me. Because, on the one hand, I was desperate to flex my creative muscles and join in that fun, fashion-loving community I'd found on t'Internet. But then on the other hand, was that crippling anxiety. That someone might find it, read it, and god forbid, declare it [...]