July Lust Haves

Well, I didn't think it was possible, but I haven't been lusting after all that much this month. I'd love to say it's because I'm an adult and know that there is more to life than shoes and dresses, but honestly? It's not. It's actually mainly because the shops have all started to fill up … Continue reading July Lust Haves

Fantasy Friday – Valentino Garavani Velvet Sandals

Well, things are still decidedly tropical here in the UK at the moment, meaning most of us are wearing as little as possible in an attempt to keep cool! That doesn't stop my wandering eye from admiring all the pretty clothes out there though, even if I would prefer to be sat in a paddling … Continue reading Fantasy Friday – Valentino Garavani Velvet Sandals

Outfit: Floored

When I was younger, before I was willing to admit that I didn't care about what was classed as 'trendy' and embraced my love for all things vintage style, maxi skirts and dresses were a regular feature in my summer wardrobe. It was not long after Sienna Miller had revived the whole 'Boho Chic' thing … Continue reading Outfit: Floored