Reasons to be Cheerful – Rainbows After the Rain

It’s a late ‘Happy Mondays’ post this week as I’ve been away this weekend, but things the way they are right now I decided I’d try to stick to my ‘positive starts to the week’ mantra!

After a fantastic weekend (more on that later) I wasn’t feeling particularly cheerful about heading back into work, especially as I’d volunteered to give up the Bank Holiday Monday (always seems like the right thing to do at first – but when the time comes….?!). It didn’t help that when I awoke this morning what awaited outside the safety and comfort of my bed was not the glorious sunshine mother nature has lulled us into believing is the norm for Spring, but grey skies and torrential rain!

As I’m sure you already know by now, nothing dampens my mood like grey skies and torrential rain.

For a start, just when I was started to get some wear out of my nicer shoes and (GASP!) daring to bare my pasty legs and toes, I had to try and dig out my ankle boots and a pair of thick tights. Now, since I buy at least 10 new pairs of tights every winter, and considering I haven’t had to wear any in the last few weeks, this shouldn’t really have been a problem. Except, we’re talking about my house, where items inexplicably disappear with no warning (normally only to turn up somewhere random a couple of weeks later when you no longer need them, but that’s another story). Tights seem to be particularly likely to fall into this category for some reason, and when you do finally find a pair, it always seems to be the pair with a hole in the toe, that doesn’t quite fit, meaning you spend most of the day hoiking them up in a most un-ladylike fashion, that have gone all bobbly around the ankles and are completely plastered in dog hair. You know, the ones that you could have sworn you threw out last time (and the time before, and the time before that, so how do they keep finding their way into the washing basket??). Anyway, this basically triggered a series of events that got worse as the day progressed. I was by now running late. I sprayed dry shampoo on my armpits instead of deodorant. I missed my normal bus, and the one that came immediately afterwards is that privately run one that makes you pay an extra 50p with your bus pass. I forgot my purse. The vending machine was out of cups. I went to a 2 hour meeting of which I needed to know about 10 minutes worth of the information. It was the kind of day where nothing serious happens, but the more trivial little irritations like that crop up, the more you start to wonder if you’re maybe on one of those hidden camera shows.

And when I left the office (late)? It was still tipping it down.

So how is this a ‘Happy Mondays’ post, I hear you ask? Nothing very cheerful going on here right now! Well, en route home, I saw this:

Rainbow 2

A simple rainbow. Some people think rainbows are some sort of symbol for positivity and good luck. I’m not sure I believe any of that nonsense, but it still makes me feel better. It’s pretty. I like pretty stuff. I’m actually pretty easy to please as it turns out.

Since seeing the rainbow, things are looking up too – Ollie hoovered, and is busy making fish pie. He announced he’s taking me out tomorrow. I’ve made plans to catch up with a much loved friend next week and a glass of wine has magically made it’s way into my hand! Maybe rainbows really are lucky?

Here’s hoping!


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