Outfit: Blue & White

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It was quite a stressful experience, booking our last holiday. Well, it’s been a hell of a long time since I last booked one, and holidays have changed, my friends. Firstly, package holidays are not a thing anymore. I mean, every travel agent you find will pretend that they are, but they really aren’t. They’ll tell you this is a great deal, it’s only £250! A mere £250, provided you don’t mind changing flights in Bulgaria, don’t plan on taking any luggage and feel confident navigating the two hour journey to and from the airport on your own. Oh, you find those terms unacceptable? Best double it then. All Inclusive is a thing now too. Once upon a time only rich people of Honeymooning couples went on All Inclusive holidays, now it’s a given, mainly I think because people like to have something they can complain about on holiday, don’t they? Like how the unlimited beer, wine, local spirits, soft drinks, juice, tea, coffee and water is just not sufficient, particularly when they only drink Malibu and nothing else. And how the basically free food is just not English enough for their delicate palate, that kind of thing. That’s how it appears from Tripadvisor anyway. Oh yeah, Tripadvisor is also a thing now, which can give you all sorts of handy hints, like a heads up that lots of Russian people stay there, or that the Entertainment is not translated into every language known to man (if you’re a fan of ridiculous Tripadvisor reviews by the way, I thoroughly recommend reading this hilarious list compiled for your pleasure over at Forever Amber) but mostly just makes you so obsessed with ratings that you start to automatically disregard anything below three stars. Until of course you realise that most of the people rating those places is basically stupid, then you have to go back and check them out again with a rational mind.

So yeah, our initial attempts at booking didn’t quite go to plan. Eventually we had to take a step back and really think about what we wanted from out trip. Mostly we were agreed on the key factors – sunshine, a pool, and not having to do anything for a week – but when we started looking further afield I realised here was one thing in particular I really wanted, and that was some stunning scenery. The holidays of my youth were mostly spent in Greece, where I’d been spoiled with panoramic views of sparkling turquoise seas, and I soon realised that the whole time we’d been talking about booking a holiday, despite my proclamations of ‘I’LL LITERALLY GO ANYWHERE!!’ in the back of my head I guess I just assumed that was where we’d end up, and I started to get a little sad when I thought that might not happen. Luckily it did end up happening. And no, I didn’t throw a strop to make it so.

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Wow, all of that was really long pretext for introducing this dress, huh? I kind of had a vague idea about talking about how I’ve always associated the colours blue and white with Greece, but got lost along the way somewhere… anyway, the long and short of it, if you pardon the pun, is that this dress has hung in my wardrobe for 2 YEARS without being worn simply because it is, well, short. Too short for my usual style back home. I am head over heels in love with this dress, and had to spend many a month hunting it down on eBay, but have always wished it was just a little longer. Instead, it had to wait for a holiday to happen, and I always had a feeling I’d be wearing it on an adventure. And wouldn’t you know, that is just what happened – towards the end of the week we decided to hire a car and drive along the coast to see some of Crete’s famous beaches, and it seemed like the obvious choice. Not just because of the colours, but it’s short length suddenly seemed like a lifesaver as he heatwave had thoroughly taken hold. It was so hot that I actually pointed the aircon directly up that skirt and I’m not even ashamed to say so. The heat didn’t stop us from exploring the beautiful towns of Agios Nikoloas and Elounda though, where we wandered through typical Greek streets, paddled through the clearest sea I’ve ever seen and napped under the palms on a peaceful beach. We chose to take the coastal road home, past the famous Spinalonga and it’s abandoned leper colony. Turns out that coastal road was a winding mountain road that took far longer than I predicted and not the best terrain for our little Toyota Aygo, but boy did I get those panoramic views I was after…..

Here’s the bit where I bore you with a billion boring holiday pics….



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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue & White

  1. Wow Steph what a nice read, you even made me giggle a few times. I know how you feel when it comes to travelling, it is either heaven or hell but once we finalise everything and arrive at our destination it is “normally” smooth sailing from there. Love the dress as well its fresh and classy, plus you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your nice legs. It is summer time and we deserve a little bit of femininity, even if it is an inch or two higher than what we expected. I am almost certain that your partner didn’t complain. lol Okay I too am done ranting on. Great post 🙂

    Lets keep in touch! What is your IG? mine is dorisfitness and if you have time feel free to check out my blog as well https://doriscreatingdestiny.wordpress.com


    1. Thanks Doris, my apologies for the shockingly late reply, just taken a few weeks out to deal with some stuff. Glad you enjoyed, I’ll be sure to head over and check you out! x

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