Reasons to be Cheerful – Having the Place to Myself


Let me start by saying, I love my family. I really do.

We’ve never been an ‘in each others pockets’ kind of family, but we are close. My parents have been good to me, letting me move back into their spare room, dog in tow, at 33 – and still be here a year later. They don’t make me pay rent because they know I’m saving all I can. I don’t contribute to the bills. I cook them a meal once a week and that’s all they ask of me. My stuff won’t all fit in my little room and there are extra boxes spilling into the guest room, the kitchen, the hallway. My Dad made a special spot for my blender because I like to have a daily smoothie and there wasn’t any free worktop space. He bought a special extension lead so I can use my laptop while watching TV. My Mum picks up my parcels for me and texts me when Dotty P’s has another sale and ensures there is a never ending supply of beauty products and shampoo. They look after my dog 70% of the time and never complain about it, even when she eats my Dad’s breakfast or drags the innards of the bin out again. Yep, they are pretty awesome, my family.

But oh my god, was I happy when they headed off for a short break in Italy yesterday.

It’s not because I don’t like them being around. Frankly, having gotten so used to spending time alone in my previous relationship it’s nice to have some company and someone other than the dog to come home to of an evening. And it isn’t like they smother me. I come and go as I please and they respect my privacy. It’s no hardship living with them at all, but after spending so many years having your own space, it’s a real adjustment getting used to sharing it with so many people again, and there are times when I really miss my old house, and it’s quietness, and having all my own things in their own places. So having a little reminder of what that’s like this week has been lovely so far.

Currently I’m enjoying the small things. Being able to watch TV instead of binge watching Netflix on my laptop in my room. Having free access to the washing machine. Being able to cook at a leisurely pace instead of worrying about being in someone’s way. And the peace. As much as it’s been nice having some company, there are also times when I’ve had a tough day at work where I just don’t want to engage in conversation or hear someone ask me a question, and being able to come home and sit in relative silence for a short while is feeling like a bit of a treat.

I wouldn’t want it to last forever. You hear a lot of people talk about how you need to be able to be alone, and I can, but the truth is, I prefer not to be. I like my own space and having time to myself, but ultimately I enjoy life more when I have someone to share it with and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But just a little bit of peace and quiet for now has been just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait to have my own place again, but in the meantime this will do. I just have a little more saving to do and it will all be worth it in the long run.

Bonnie, on the other hand, is not a happy puppy. She’s missing them terribly! Look at that sad face!!

Sad Bons

Looks like my position in the pack has been well and truly usurped!



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