Outfit: Fifty Shades of Purple

Purple 1

Purple has always been one of my favourite colours. Actually, for a short period it was my little sister’s favourite colour, while I favoured mint green – but I still love both to this day. In my teenage years purple still featured heavily on my list of loves. When my bestie found out her family might be moving away to Hull my parents considered letting her come to live with us and we spent hours planning our bedroom, which was going to be purple and lime green. True story! There was even going to be a purple and lime green spiral on the ceiling just like the ballroom floor in the Backstreet’s Back video, and the lime green bit would also be covered in glow in the dark stars. Shut up, it was going to be way cool, OK?? Luckily for my Dad, who seemed to be strongly against the spiral for some crazy reason, the move never happened and the room stayed Forever Friends pink until my late teens, but still, that room would have been awesome. Basically, I wanted purple everything. I even had purple hair at one stage (also, a purple wall where my sister and I dropped the bottle of dye down the stairs, but the less said about that in the presence of my parents the better…)

I’m not really sure how relevant any of that is to this outfit now. I still love purple in all it’s forms though, as you can see. Purple, lilac, lavender, you name it, I want it. These days my colour combos are a little less daring however! As much as I love purple, it can be a tricky shade to match, so instead of trying to find a complimentary colour I’ve instead gone down the route of picking different shades of the same family, and I’m liking the result! The more purple the better, in my opinion!

This cami was one of my holiday purchases from Mango when in Barcelona last year. It’s not the most exciting of tops ever, but I love it’s simplicity and the shade is so perfect for a Summer’s evening. It’s also a perfect match for my beloved Office On To Point courts, which I had such a hard time choosing. Looking back at these pictures I’m happy I went with the lilac – no regrets (although, it’s hard to be regretful when I basically ended up with three pairs instead of one…)

Purple 2Purple 3Purple 4Purple 5Purple 6Purple 7

Strangely, as I write this I’m looking at my clothes rail and feeling like there isn’t actually enough purple on it. Sounds like the perfect excuse for another shopping trip to me!



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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Fifty Shades of Purple

    1. Thank you! It is lovely, sometimes I struggle to find the right fit with Cami tops with the straps being too long or not hitting my hips in the right way, but this one is perfect, I love it! X

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    1. Thank you! Im lucky that I managed to build quite a large collection of vintage jewellery a few years ago, but then paste jewellery got quite fashionable so they’re harder to find! X

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