Outfit: Reverting to Type

Reverting to Type 1.jpg

Ah Christmas. The time of year when I can finally start wearing the clothes I love the most! Not Winter clothes – scrub that filthy idea from your minds, immediately! No, not Winter clothes. PARTY CLOTHES. Big skirts. Dresses. High heels. Sequins and glitter. ALL THE GLITTER! Basically all the things I spend all year wanting to buy, and then telling myself I can’t because my life isn’t that interesting and I rarely go out on the town. That all changes at Christmas though – in my line of work festivities are par for the course, which means I finally get to put some glad rags on and post the outfits I would really wear if I was interesting!

Now, I do feel the pressure a little. I mean, yes I will have a few parties and events to go to, but not as many events as I have fancy outfits, so a lot of thought goes into what I’m going to wear. There are so many questions that need to be considered. Like, when was the last time these shoes got to go out? Has this dress appeared on the blog before? Is it even blogworthy enough? I mean, I spend most of the year posting a 50/50 split of sundresses in the Summer and tea dresses with tights in Winter, so the opportunity to post something a little different simply must be taken! Do I try something completely new? Do I make a special effort to post something I’ve never tried before?? Does anyone actually care…?? (don’t answer that one…)

And then I basically go and wear exactly what I wear EVERY TIME I have an opportunity to get dressed up. I wear a big skirt with some form of black top. What can I say – I’m a creature of habit! I just feel like me when I’m rocking a big skirt, and that’s really the most important factor to having a good night, isn’t it? This particular skirt is one of a series of almost identical skirts I have except for the shade, and I find them the perfect party staple – plenty of volume, a taffeta style fabric and a bright, eye catching colour. It’s a failsafe combo that meant, no matter how much I tried to be creative, it was the obvious choice when I was planning what to wear for our annual awards evening, which always kicks off the party season. As it turns out, a gigantic skirt with a petticoat underneath actually isn’t the most sensible thing to wear to a sit down meal, at least not if you don’t want your pudding (and other people’s pudding…) all over it every time you stand up to go to the loo, but hey, it was dark in there after the dinner, soooo….. I’m standing by my choice.

Reverting to Type 5Reverting to Type 8Reverting to Type 9Reverting to Type 3Reverting to Type 7Reverting to Type 10Reverting to Type 4Reverting to Type 6Reverting to Type 2

Sorry guys. I wish I could promise you something a bit different for my next party outfit, but we all know I’d be lying. There might only be a few weeks left, but this almost certainly won’t be the last big skirt of the year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



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