Reasons to be Cheerful – Roaring Open Fires

Open Fire 1

Despite my original concerns about giving up city life and moving to the countryside, I’ve actually found I’ve settled into the ‘simple’ life pretty well. I’m loving how quiet it is at night, the fact that Bonnie and I have fields upon fields to romp in within walking distance now rather than having to make do with a quick walk around the block on the lead in the Winter, and how darn friendly and accomodating people are. On Saturday we called our local curry house to find out if there was a table and they actually drove over to the pub we were in to pick us up and take us there – true story!! But by far my favourite thing about our new house is out open fire place!

I’m just not sure there is anything more cosy than a roaring open fire is there? It makes a gloomy January evening sat in front of the TV that little bit better, especially with the pup snoozing on my knee and a G&T in hand! We actually splashed out when we moved in on one of those Nest thermostats that you can control on your phone, so there is no reason our house wouldn’t be nice and snuggly most of the time, but despite the extra effort required I’d still prefer to light the fire. There is something very peaceful and relaxing about the whole thing – the heat on your feet, the roar of the flames and the warm, orange glow – it’s the ultimate accompaniment to a quiet night in.

It will almost be a shame when the nights get warmer and we won’t really need to light it. Maybe on the odd occasion we will do anyone just for the comfort! Till then though, it’s definitely helping to keep my Winter blues at bay just a little!

Open Fire 2



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