Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Watersnake Fiore 100

Well, if these aren’t the epitome of Spring in a shoe, I don’t know what is!!

Pigalle Follies Floral
Pigalle Follies Watersnake Fiore, £845, Christian Louboutin

Despite the fact we’ve crossed into March this week, nothing is looking at all Spring like outside my window, which is incredibly annoying as it feels as though this Winter has lasted at least a decade. I was seriously relying on March to bring me a little bit of Spring and refresh my dulled senses, but no. It brought me snow instead. Snow. In March. Bloody liberty!! But while I can’t rely on the weather to cheer up a dull grey afternoon it seems, I can rely on Monsieur Louboutin!

The last time I featured the Pigalle Follies style it was almost exactly a year ago and covered in this lovely cherry print, and I was head over heels for the classic yet fun little shoe. At the time I declared that one the epitome of Spring too, and now I’m genuinely torn because I honestly couldn’t tell you which I love best. Cherries will alway get a smile out of me, but those pretty lilac and pink petals are just what I need in the absence of any real life blossoms! I can just see me floating around in a floaty white frock with these on my feet, not a care in the world.

Not in this current weather though, because someone seems to have forgotten to tell Mother Nature that Spring is supposed to be a bit warmer….!



P.S – How annoyed do you think I was to read that almost exactly a year ago I was quite literally full of the joys of Spring? The answer is very!! YOU HAVE ONE WEEK, NATURE!!

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