Outfit: Dressing For Success

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Do you ever have those days where you just can’t be bothered? Where you would really rather just climb under the duvet and hibernate instead of getting up and adulting? I do, for sure. Days when I feel like I haven’t seen the inside of my own house for weeks, when I’m tired of living out of a suitcase and I just know the working day is going to entail at least three people being cross or upset with me through no fault of my own. On days like that I don’t really feel like getting dressed at all, never mind putting thought into an outfit. Plenty of people will use this as an excuse to just throw on a jumper and jeans and be done with it, and my response to that is, ‘I FEEL YA, SISTER!’ but I actually have a different approach.

On those days where dressing up couldn’t be further from my wishes, I actually resist the urge to go casual for the day and, well, get dressed up! I go to my closet and look for something a little showstopping – something that I might normally disregard as a bit too dressy for the day time – and just go with it! Something about getting glammed up instantly makes me feel a little bit more capable of taking on the day. And at the very least, skimming through all my prettiest of frocks offers me something else to focus on if only for a short while!

That was the thinking behind this outfit. Actually, scrap that. Not the outfit. The majority of the outfit here is, let’s face it, dull as dishwater. What I should have said is, that was the thinking behind these shoes, because this ensemble is clearly all about the shoes! Ever since the day I got them I’ve nicknamed them my ‘Kick Ass Shoes’ and kick ass they do. Or at least, they made me feel more than ready to kick some ass, and that is essentially what I needed that day, so long story short, JOB DONE! The only tricky thing was picking what to wear them with, because they are pretty bold and not the easiest to style. In the end I went with all black to make sure they did the talking, because really? Shoes like this don’t need an introduction!

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Did it do the trick? ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY! I felt like a million dollars strutting into the office in these shoes, no matter how drab the rest was in comparison. Anytime I felt my confidence wavering I just looked down at my feet and remembered that only a super awesome, clever, capable person could pull off shoes like this (shhhh, just humour me, ok??) and everything else just fell into place! In short I need to wear these shoes far more often – any ideas on how I do so without going all black again??



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22 thoughts on “Outfit: Dressing For Success

    1. It’s a bit all over the place at the moment! We have a long term plan to build an extension and hopefully it will include some custom built storage, I’ll definitely be posting about it when we get started! x


  1. Hi Steph, I always have a hard time adulting! Good for you getting dressed up on them hard days. Those shoes are really kickass and tell people ” here is a confident Girl and she wont take any messing around” I love the humor me part! You arer so witty ! I think you could pair them with a white dress that has subtle black and red print on it . Have a nice day Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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