Fantasy Friday – Reformation Garnet Floral Wrap Dress

Amazing news – I found the perfect ruffled wrap dress.

Not so amazing new – it costs more than £150 so I can’t have it. Sucks to be me.

Seriously though, I can’t quite get over how much  wish I could own this dress. I mean, I was feeling pretty darn chuffed with my little Primark haul until I saw this, but now they frankly pale in comparison:

Reformation Wrap Dress
Garnet Floral Wrap Dress, Reformation, £158

Okay, so it’s a little on the short side, and I probably won’t look quite as darling as that gorgeous gazelle-like thing modelling it on the website, but other than that it is everything I currently want from a dress – I love the vintage style floral print. I love the not at al frou-frou ruffle details along the edges. I love the pretty, sage green hue. It’s so cute, and yet so classy, and I feel like I would feel a million dollars in it.

But thanks to my considerable lack of a million dollars that will have to remain a pipe dream, sadly. Oh well, back to Primark I go….





7 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Reformation Garnet Floral Wrap Dress

  1. Ohhh my gosh, what a dream indeed! This is my FAVORITE shade of green! I just bought a green dress from Forever 21 yesterday that is maybe a shade darker than this and I can’t wait to have it hemmed up and wear it!

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