Outfit: Trying (And Failing) To Twirl

Twirl 2

It seems we’re on to a theme with the whole embarrassing myself lately, so I thought I may as well continue with this latest outfit post!

I’ve talked about outfit photography a lot before on this blog. It can be a real challenge, for many reasons. Living in England in general is a huge hurdle – finding pretty backdrops that aren’t swarming with people on a day when it isn’t raining can be tough as it is, but when you have a full time job and only a few hours of daylight for a huge chunk of the year, it gets to be near on impossible. Luckily for me, I have a trusty photographer with the patience of a saint which makes it just that little bit easier.

It’s not all smooth sailing though. I mean, Dan is very good humoured and so far hasn’t complained about the amount of time I make him spend retaking Insta shots because my handbag was the wrong way round, or making us late because I need him to snap my outfit before we get in the car. Heck, sometimes he even comes up with the directions for me! One day, I’m sure he will tire of my relentless demands and tell me to sod off, but for now he is pretty much the sole reason I manage to post as often as I do. Unfortunately though, even with my eager determination to photograph EVERY DAMN THING I WEAR and Dan’s unwavering patience with my stupid creative ideas, things still go wrong, and these photos are a great example of that.

I had the scene clearly in my head, and all the ingredients were perfect. A stunning flower wall. Softly fading evening sunlight. A romantic, floaty dress. It was basically blogger gold. We couldn’t go wrong with this set up, surely?? Hmmm, yes we could. I mean, see for yourselves. These are the workable photos, but there is a big ‘ol reel of outtakes that may or may not make a blooper post one day. See, I really wanted to get across my girlish glee at the awesomeness of my surroundings, but do you know what? Twirling is hard, guys. Like, mega hard. Well, not the twirling itself – that is easy enough, even in wedges. But catching a live photo of it where you don’t look like a complete and utter doughnut? Hard. I’m not actually convinced I managed it in these, and these are the final edit. How Dan stuck it out while I whined, I don’t know. It kind of went like this:

Me: Daaaaaan, why are they all blurry, whhhyyyyyyy?

Dan: Because you keep prancing around! Stand still!

Me: But I want movement, Dan! You aren’t capturing the movement!

Dan: Seriously, just stand still for a minute before the light goes…..

Me: Daaaaaaan, why are they all daaaaark, whhhyyyyy??

And so on….. Do you hate me? ‘Cause I hate me, and I think Dan might a tiny bit, even though he won’t say. Oh well. I guess I’m just not cut out to be an Insta Princess. But then I guess we all knew that already! It was fun trying though. And you’ll have fun laughing at the blooper reel fo’ sho’…

Twirl 3Twirl 6Twirl 9Twirl 1Twirl 12Twirl 10Twirl 8Twirl 4Twirl 7Twirl 5Twirl 11



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16 thoughts on “Outfit: Trying (And Failing) To Twirl

  1. Hi Steph, you found a great place to take the pics! Such pretty flowers as a backdrop to you also a pretty as a flower. I am sure Dan is a great guy who is happy to take photos of his awesome lady! I could never hate you Steph. Your blog writing is refreshing and always holds my interest. This dress is stunning on you , and I can see the twirl best in the second to last pic. Take care , hugs, Terri xo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life is tough as a blogger! Thank you, it is indeed very twirl worthy, I don’t think I could wear it and NOT prance around at least a little bit!


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