Outfit: A Lament To My Jeggings

Skinny Jeans 2

Ah, my jeggings. Hands down my favourite fashion invention of all time – yes, including big skirts and fancy heels! They are just so darn comfy, so adaptable, so easy to work into an outfit – despite the fact they’re a fairly modern piece I simply can’t remember life without them! They have become such a staple for me that I have come to accumulate at least 8 pairs of my particular favourite Eden jeggings from good old Dotty P’s, and can promise you that I will almost definitely acquire more if they happen to bring them out in a colour I don’t already own!

Skinny Jeans 6

Skinny Jeans 10

A time has come though, that I thought would never arrive – a time where my beloved jeggings are having to sit on the back burner for a while because they just are not comfortable any more. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?? Well, while I can still wriggle into my old friends, that usually forgiving and snuggly elasticated waistband now falls about halfway up my baby bump, and sadly bubba and my favourite article of clothing just do not get on. Devastated – especially when I come across old photos like these took late last year of me happily prancing around in them without a care in the world. How on earth will I live without them with still another 4 months to go?? I have managed to find myself a pretty lovely style of maternity jeans which I’ll be writing about soon, so all is not lost, and I can still rock the skinny look an make use of some of my best floaty tops, but I have to say I am severely missing the choice that my vast array of coloured jeggings gave me! What can I say? I’m a fickle, fickle being.

Skinny Jeans 9

Skinny Jeans 4

Of course, I am exaggerating a little about what a tragic turn of events this is. As much as I’m missing them there is no contest between a baby and my Eden jeggings – I would wear a bin bag for the next 4 months if I had to, as long as it meant I got my little bundle at the end! Still, look how perfect this khaki pair are? Wonder if my maternity jeans come in khaki….

Skinny Jeans 8



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