An Afternoon at Birmingham Seasonal Markets

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It could definitely be said that I have well and truly settled into countryside life, and I can often be found waxing lyrical about the beauty of nature outside my back door and how much I love taking the dog out for long scenic walks instead of hanging out in the pub all day as I did in my youth (I know, yawn…) But that isn’t to say I don’t miss the odd thing about my old city life, and one of the main things has got to be what used to be a constant proximity to delicious and interesting food – especially now that I’m pregnant and want to eat pretty much everything, ALL THE TIME! Probably one of my favourite activities in life would be wandering around some sort of street food market or festival, and Birmingham is lucky enough to be home to more than a handful of such opportunities, so when I spotted last month that Birmingham Seasonal Markets was holding a cheese themed event I made it my business to convince Dan that it was worth our while spending a extra night in the city so that we could go stuff our faces with all things fromage! This wasn’t actually all too much of a task truth be told, because Dan loves his grub as much as I do. Which is lucky, really, otherwise I don’t think there would be an unborn child nestling in my womb right now….

Having been to many an event at The Bond Company – a fantastic space both indoors and outdoors in Birmingham’s Digbeth for events and exhibitions – we knew we’d be up for a good afternoon as we headed over to meet a few friends there, and we weren’t disappointed. Arriving fairly early, the place was already buzzing, the sun (intermittently…) was shining and the air was thick with the smell of all kinds of deliciousness! Having fallen foul in the past of rushing in and buying something too soon only to find something even more tantalizing just around the corner, we decided to play it safe by doing a bit of recon, so grabbed a drink from one of the bars (there were several to choose from if you weren’t having to go dry like me!) and set about finding out what treats awaited us.

It was not an easy decision, it has to be said, with all kinds of cheesy goodness from gooey mac ‘n’ cheese at Mac OGs, spicy paneer wraps at The Paneer Wrap Street Food Co and everyone’s favourite halloumi fries at Streetchef, but the moment I saw that my favourites, Low N Slow, were in attendance I knew that would be where I was headed for my first bite. I opted for beef brisket with beef fat potatoes, pickled slaw and blue cheese sauce and OH MY GOSH it was amazing! I did feel a teeny tiny bit jealous of Dan’s ‘Dirty Clucker’ chicken burger from Yardbirds, featuring fried chicken, nacho cheese sauce and pickles amongst other things on a brioche bun, but he was kind enough to share a rather disgusting (in the best possible way) portion of loaded fries, smothered in cheese sauce and bacon! The least he could do since I’m gestating a human for him, I think you’ll agree…! When it came to pudding decisions got really tough, because there was a whole array of sweet treats indoors care of Cake Doctor, but in the end we settled on sharing this rather decadent slab of cheesecake from Urban Cheesecake. We opted for Belgian chocolate sauce and chunks of Mint Aero, though there were several delectable combinations on offer!

Food Markets 3Food Markets 4Food Markets 6Food Markets 7Food Markets 1Food Markets 2Food Markets 8

And that was all we could manage! After scoffing that much we decided it was time to head back to the country to try and sleep off some of the damage, lest we ate ourselves into an actual food coma! But we will no doubt be back for another go next time! The Seasonal Markets run regular events throughout the year – if you fancy popping along to one check out their website here!



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15 thoughts on “An Afternoon at Birmingham Seasonal Markets

  1. All those food pics have made me very hungry πŸ˜‚ that burger and those fries look amazing though 😍 I’m jealous haha! Sounds like great fun though xx

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  2. Thanks for sharing Steph ! I hope it was not too hard on you being in the bar while pregnant! The food looks so tasty through word and photos! That cheesecake can almost be tasted from here! This is the perfect place to visit when you are eating for two! I agree with Mackenzie, you do look so cute in the photo with the baby bump! Take care Dear, Terri xo.

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    1. Aw thank you Terri! I have my moments where I get jealous of people who can have a drink, but honestly I’m not missing it as much as I thought I would! I’m missing coffee more!

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