Outfit: The Transitional Dress

Joanie 3

For some reason we can’t quite explain – most probably because we hate ourselves or something – Dan and I decided that as well as having a child we’d do a major extension to our house. We are due to get started next week, with an expected finish pretty much on my due date – nothing like a challenge to keep life interesting, right?? This means, of course, that we are pretty much hemorrhaging money right now, meaning that although I would once upon a time have seen pregnancy as the perfect opportunity to have a splurge and treat myself to a plethora of new clothes, I’m having to be pretty savvy about how I spend my cash.

Joanie 7

Joanie 8

Luckily right now I have managed to back a few really gorgeous pieces that are non-maternity, much like this rather beautiful dress by Joanie Clothing! I absolutely love the soft, generous volume in the skirt and the tie back waist which allows me to cinch things in but stay comfortable! The bright blue colour is just gorgeous, and of course, it has polka dots, so, you know….! The best thing though is that I don’t have to feel too guilty about adding a new dress to the collection, because not only does it house my growing bump nicely, I will most definitely still be wearing it after baby comes!

Joanie 4

Joanie 10

Now all I need to wish for is plenty of sunshine this Summer so that I can wear it plenty! Tough I can definitely see me wearing it during the colder months too with thick tights and boots. It really is the perfect all rounder!



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8 thoughts on “Outfit: The Transitional Dress

  1. Oh wow you are a busy couple Steph!! An extension will be welcomed I am sure, hopefully it can finish before the baby arrives.It is smart to be savvy about money. This blue dress is gorgeous on you . I love the color and the tiny polka dots . it is nice you can cinch things in . The fact it is not a maternity dress is great going forward and no need to feel guilt. Wishing you a sun filled summer, Terri xoxo.

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