January Outfit Round Up

Ugh, January. Possibly the dullest, greyest, most depressing month there is. I know some people love that whole ‘blank canvas’ thing, but to me it just feels bleak. All the sparkle and fun of Christmas is gone, the rain is lashing at the windows most days and the warmth of Spring just seems that little bit too far away. So needless to say, I haven’t really been feeling my usual self when it comes to getting dressed each day. It’s not just January’s fault, to be fair. Bailey has hit what has been the most challenging phase so far and we’ve all been a little under the weather so truth be told, I’ve spent an awful lot of days just wearing jeans and a jumper, if I’ve got out of my PJs at all. I did manage the odd Insta worthy outfit though, so without further ado….

So, I’ve saved you the boredom of looking at all of my jumper and jeans combos, but jeans have still featured heavily thanks to my almost dying from what felt like the worst cold in history. I’ll have to admit here that these are still my maternity jeans – what was a sad, empty little pouch where little Bailey used to live is now a fully fledged mum tum so they are the only trousers that feel comfortable right now. There didn’t seem much point in trying to do anything about it over Christmas, but hopefully all of that is about to change now I have my very own treadmill sitting in the garage! Incidentally, that green polka dot tunic was actually supposed to be a dress, but as you can see it barely covered my backside! I loved it though so decided it would still work layered over jeans. Not impressed, Topshop, not impressed!

Jan Outfits 1

Jan Outfits 4

Other than that it has mostly been my usual Winter uniform of a little frock with tights and boots! A cute dress is the ultimate item of clothing for me when you’re feeling run down. People will often react as though you’ve made a load of effort in a dress when in reality you’ve just thrown it over your head! Long live the dress I say!

Jan Outfits 2

Midis have also made a bit of a comeback recently. They aren’t the easiest to wear in Winter as they don’t always look quite right under a coat if it isn’t the right length. Thanks to the odd mild day though I’ve managed to get some wear out of a few of my favourites, normally with a leather jacket, or my particular favourite combo – over the top of some over the knee boots!

Jan Outfits 3

Jan Outfits 9

Buy & Outfit of the Month

Jan Outfits 5

Buy of the month and outfit of the month are one and the same this month! I spotted this cute little pinafore from Stacey Solomon’s Primark range a couple of months ago, but did my usual and dithered too long, meaning I missed out. I’ve been eBay stalking it ever since and finally bagged one a couple of weeks ago! I felt great as soon as I put it on, and after weeks of not really feeling like myself it felt so good to feel pretty in something again! Here’s hoping that feeling continues and I finally get my mojo back!




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2 thoughts on “January Outfit Round Up

  1. The dark red boots, bag and belt combo looks great. You clearly put a lot of thought into your outfits. I’m inspired to try some different looks having just bought a midi dress from Oasis and some new Kurt Kieger boots (in the sale).

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