February Outfit Round Up

I’m sorry, but how is it March already? And not just March, but halfway through March to boot? I feel like I used to say this kind of thing all the time before I had Bailey, but now I REALLY MEAN IT! It feels like someone is holding down the fast forward button and I need it to stop for a minute!! On the plus side, Winter is apparently over – and I say apparently because that doesn’t seem to have brought us any sunshine yet, but sunshine is surely on the horizon now, so there is at least that!

Anyway…. February is my birthday month so usually makes for some good outfit photos – we all know I like the dressed up outfits the most, and lets face it, opportunities are few and far between these days so I like to make the most of it. Sadly though, Storm Dennis decided to dick about with my birthday weekend, and we didn’t end up even leaving the house all that much so the glad rags are a little thin on the ground in this post. Thanks, Dennis! There have been a couple of nights out though so don’t feel too sorry for me! I got to wear fancy heels twice thanks to a work awards do and a lovely surprise dinner for my birthday. It felt great to wear some of my beloved shoes again – I do love my boots but I’m getting a little tired of them now – please hurry up, Spring!

Other than that it was pretty much business as usual. Business as usual being, of course, little printed dresses or midi skirts with boots! Honestly, I’m not sure how I’d make it through the Winter months if it wasn’t for these trustworthy combos. I mean, there are only so many days on the trot you can wear jeans without starting to lose the will to live, right??

Feb O 24

Feb O 12

Speaking of jeans though, they also featured heavily this month in a new favourite outfit formula – jeans, boots and a smock top! I’ve been feeling more than a little self conscious of my tummy of late so when I got some spending money for my birthday I was thrilled to find smock tops are back in style. They, along with general gauzy, floaty tops, have become a real staple for me this last few weeks and I can only see that continuing for now!

Feb O 6

Feb O 14

Buy of the Month

I’ve been really trying not to buy new clothing these days as I really don’t ‘need’ any, but with that Birthday money burning a hole in my pocket it was nice to have a little spree! Most of it went on those aforementioned smock tops, but I also managed to find me an incredible bargain in these gorgeous snakeskin boots! Just £16 in TK Maxx they were originally Zara and I LOVE them. They were a completely frivolous buy – snakeskin knee high boots probably aren’t the most sensible purchase as I’m sure they aren’t going to stay in fashion for ever – but hey, birthday gifts are meant to be frivolous, right? And I’ve never particularly cared what is classed as ‘in fashion’ sooo…….

Feb O 19

Outfit of the Month

There is nothing particularly unique about this outfit. You’ve seen it a few times before. But there is a reason this beloved Joanie Clothing dress felt special this time around. I wore it to my first KIT day – my first foray back into the adult world of work. I felt so sick in the run up worrying about whether I’d be on top of my game and missing Bailey that I’d forgotten to even think about what I was going to wear. I’ve always felt great in this dress so it felt like a natural choice that morning when I ran to the closet in a panic! Most of all though, as much as I’m loving my maternity leave, it felt so good to dress for work again. I’d never really realised how much dressing was a part of who I am, and I’ve found it quite hard to adjust to dressing appropriately for my new normal. I’m getting there slowly, and I don’t in any way feel ready to go back to work, but it felt nice to dip my toes back in and feel like myself in my own skin again!

Feb O 17

And that was February! I’m sincerely hoping March might bring a little Spring-like weather so I can post something a little different for a change, but no joy so far so don’t hold your breath…



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