Blog Update…

Hello Friends!

It happened again….. As you may well have noticed I haven’t posted in quite some time. Since the end of March in fact, and it is only due in part to the fact that the world has kinda imploded in the last couple of months! You would think that in the new Coronavirus ruled world I would find plenty of time to write since we aren’t really allowed to do much outside the house, but it hasn’t really worked out that way. One of the main fall outs of this bizarre pandemic induced situation we’ve found ourselves in is that Dan has been furloughed so is at home with us full time right now and we’ve been making the most of it, spending our time getting around to all those jobs we’ve not got around to on the house, taking long leisurely walks when we can with Bonnie and of course, most importantly, drinking in as much time as we can as a family with our little boy, who is not so little anymore and changing everyday.

That’s not the only reason I have been absent of late though. The truth is, I have been writing. I have been writing a very long, rambling account of what has been happening to us – one I’m unlikely to post, or at least not at the moment because, well, you’re all here so you know whats going on! But it is an account I felt important to capture because it is doubtful I will ever experience anything like this again in our lifetime and I want Bailey to be able to read it one day and get some insight into what life was like for us! As well as that there are several half written posts abandoned in my drafts right now that I’ve sat down to finish multiple times but never quite been able to. I’m not entirely sure why. I guess writer’s block is something that strikes us all at some point but this felt bigger than that. It felt as though once again I’d lost the love for this blogging lark and I’d let it fall by the wayside. Something clicked today though, and I realised I haven’t lost the love at all, I’ve just lost my way and all that is needed is a breath of fresh air, so after procrastinating for an age in my usual way I’ve decided to pull my finger out and crack on. Change is a-comin’!

It’s not dramatically exciting change, I’m afraid – I haven’t become an expert blogger or web designer overnight, unfortunately! So this will still be the amateur, rambly and sometimes strange little corner of the Internet it’s always been. But there will be a shift in tone coming, for the following reasons. Firstly, I’m a mum now. I promised things wouldn’t become baby central when I first found out I was pregnant, and I want to stand by that because I was a person in my own right before Bailey came along and that hasn’t changed. Motherhood is, however, a pretty all consuming thing, so it is difficult to write about my life without it being a rather constant feature! I have also been shocked to discover how little we talk honestly and openly about the less romantic side of having children and this is something I feel very passionately needs to change so you can expect a lot more of that coming your way soon. Secondly, I’m not shopping. Or at least, I’m trying not to shop, at least not new things (my eBay addiction will be a tougher beast to beat!) Fashion is still a major love of mine and will still be one of the main things I post about, but I’ve become more and more conscious about fast fashion and the impact on the planet and developing countries so those oodles of shopping posts I used to write will now be a thing of the past. It horrifies me a little when I think about the amount I’ve spent on clothes over the years, so while I have no intention of become a capsule wardrobe kinda girl, my fashion posts will be focusing on styling old pieces and buying second hand from here on in. Finally, I’ve been spending a lot of time re-reading old posts and it has struck me that I never just write for writing’s sake any more. I have a huge tendency to really overthink this blog and worry about content being diverse or meaningful of having to be themed in line with the on trend topic of the day and sometimes this makes posting feel forced. In the early days I would literally write about any old thing and some of those posts are actually my favourites, so I want to try and rediscover my voice – I may even re-share some of those I like the best!

So now I just need to get on with it! Before I can crack on with all that award winning content I’ve completely day dreamed up, I need to spend some time doing some boring tweaking and admin stuff, so there may be radio silence for a little while longer before I start posting again, but until then, I hope you’re all weathering the storm and I look forward to chatting soon! Hope you’ll bear with me!


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