Outfit: High & Wide

"I will never, NEVER, wear high waisted trousers! NEVER!!" I distinctly remember saying this to my Mum one day, around the tender teenage years, whilst watching Britney Spears gyrating on TV in jeans so low slung she must have needed a bikini wax to wear them. My mother was not enamoured with the style, which [...]

Outfit: Primary Colours

I don't think I could say that bright colours are a favourite. Pastels? Yes. Jewel tones? Yes. Prints? Bloody love 'em. And sequins? Oh hells yeah! But I wouldn't really call myself a fan of bright colour. Not on me, anyhow. It isn't that I don't like bright colours. I think they look amazing on other [...]

Outfit: Impractically Perfect

I'm not really into 'trends'. In fact, I'd go as far as saying sometimes I actively avoid them. There is a little rebellious and completely pretentious streak in me that just completely loses interest in something once it becomes popular. I've never watched Game of Thrones, for example - can't even force myself to want [...]

Outfit: Unwritten Rules

I love a good breton stripe. This is fact. I mean, I can't actually count how many times I've 'accidentally on purpose' dressed up as a sailor on this blog (actually, I can - it's four! Here, here, here and here!) There is just something so timeless and classic about a breton stripes that always [...]