Outfit: Primary Colours

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I don’t think I could say that bright colours are a favourite. Pastels? Yes. Jewel tones? Yes. Prints? Bloody love ’em. And sequins? Oh hells yeah! But I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of bright colour. Not on me, anyhow. It isn’t that I don’t like bright colours. I think they look amazing on other people. And I’m not even sure I think they look bad on me or anything, they just don’t tend to be the first thing I’m drawn to, and so they don’t often feature in my outfit photos.

One bright shade on it’s own isn’t too much of an issue. I’m not a stranger to a splash of red. The odd bit of cobalt blue. I’ve even started dabbling in yellow more recently. But when it comes to two of those colours together? Well, that is pretty unchartered territory for me. See, a vivid hue begs to be looked at, doesn’t it? And I really don’t like feeling like I’m being looked at (says the girl who posts daily OOTDs on Instagram…) so the thought of more than one clashing colour in an outfit is more than a little daunting – on a par with putting up a billboard of myself at Piccadilly Circus or something!

So this blouse is not normally the kind of thing I go for. Still, it spoke to me somehow, many moons ago while browsing in Primark. There was just something about the slightly retro print and the sweet puffed sleeves that really piqued my interest, and I bought it despite myself. But I perhaps should have listened to my inner voice, because no sooner had I left the house on it’s first outing, the nagging doubts crept in. It was too bold for me, I thought. There was something not quite right with it worn loose the way I’d styled it. The more I thought about it the more I started to feel like it was reminiscent of a uniform of some kind. An Airhostess, perhaps? A Travel Agent? I wasn’t sure, but it was a long time before I pulled it out of my wardrobe again.

Then recently, for some unknown reason, it became acceptable to me again. I couldn’t for one moment tell you what has changed – I just saw it hanging there one day and those original features I liked so much jumped out at me again. So I put it on, and it felt good! Maybe it’s all this inspiration I’ve been getting from Instagram lately? Or a new found confidence? Or maybe my brain just realised I’ve been over thinking colour combinations TO DEATH and finally gave up?? Who knows. But whatever caused it, I think things may well just get a little brighter around here from now on!

Primary 3Primary 8Primary 5Primary 4Primary 10Primary 9Primary 7Primary 2



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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Primary Colours

  1. Absolutely stunning! Love every detail of your outfit 🙂 Blue and Red make the perfect color combo especially to brighten up the mood a bit with the winter coming…

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