Outfit: Holding Off the Back to Work Blues!

Despite having a wonderful weekend and much needed break I really wasn’t feeling ready to face work again on Tuesday. Ollie knows the signs well (he sees them kick in around 5pm every Sunday evening!) so when the blues started threatening on Monday night he decided to distract me in the best way possible – getting me in heels and filling me with food! He took me to one of our favourite local restaurants for tea, a tiny little Moroccan place where the Mezze is AMAZING and the staff make you feel like you’re their bezza for life. It’s the kind of place where you take your own beer, they turn the lights out and sing over a cake on your Birthday and where the manager probably wouldn’t think twice about pulling up a chair and sipping a complimentary mint tea with you while they close down around you. We love it, and even when they completely unknowingly gave me a glass to drink from that was branded with the name of the company I work for (which in hindsight was actually kinda funny) we managed to keep the dark cloud of doom at bay.

The heels in question were one of my ‘bargain’ pairs – I picked them up in Primark a couple of years ago for what I think was somewhere around £16 (and then subsequently tracked them down on Ebay in black and nude. Because: £16 people!). I don’t wear them nearly enough (everytime I do, I tell myself I’m going to start wearing them ALL THE TIME, but then I don’t, because, well, you know, so many shoes so little time) but I was feeling full of the joys of spring, so mint green seemed like the perfect choice. The cami then came easily (in case we haven’t covered this before, the vast majority of my outfits are planned from the shoes up!) and then this white blazer, which I also regularly tell myself I should wear ALL HE TIME, but then don’t because I really can’t be trusted to wear white for longer than an hour or two (watch your back, Wedding dress! You have been warned!). This was also a bargain purchase, spotted along with a powder blue version by chance in a Choies flash sale for just £7 (they’re now £22 which still isn’t exactly pricey. And I’ve just spotted a new coral version. Uh Oh!). Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure this entire outfit was purchased for not far off £50. Not too shabby. Remember the days when you would have died rather than telling anyone that? Now I wear it like a Badge of Honour!

mint white bag shoes earringAlso pictured: The shocking state of my garden for you all to laugh at! Bonus!



In the post: Mint Green Mary Janes, Primark (similar) – Mint Camisole, New Look (similar)White Blazer, Choies – Jeans, H&M, Quilted Bag, Vintage (similar) – Earrings, Gifted

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