Reasons to be Cheerful – The Future’s Bright

weddingSo, there still isn’t much change for me on the life front – still spending the vast majority of my time at work (making for very boring posts right now – sorry!). It’s all still a little fraught, and, well, blah. But there is one particularly good piece of news that is keeping me going at the moment. Whenever things are getting a bit on top of me I stop and remember one simple thing:



So the venue worked out! It’s all official, and slightly scarier, it’s a week earlier than we originally thought, so much planning to crack on with – which is both pant-wettingly petrifying and a welcome distraction all at the same time.

Planning-panic aside, it means one thing – whatever crappy things come my way in the coming weeks, in 4 short months time I will be spending the weekend with all the people I love the most in one room, and that is incentive enough for me to keep plodding on. It’s become the perfect excuse. I can’t throw in the towel, because I need the money for the wedding fund. I can’t run away, because then I’d miss it! Every extra hour of overtime contributes to something delicious for the wedding banquet or something beautiful for me to wear. I basically have to just get on with it, which I was always going to do anyway, of course, but now it feels like there is a higher purpose. Also – 2 WEEKS OFF!

And if that isn’t something to work towards, I don’t know what is!

Roll on August!


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