Reasons to be Cheerful – Sunny Evening Walkies

sunshine 2

I’m not the only one who is a fan of Summer. Bonnie is too. Partly because the backdoor is often open, so she can run about the garden and drink out of the pond to her heart’s content, partly because us people keep having picnics and BBQs and generally leaving food lying around for her to snack on. Most of all though, she gets her evening walkies back. She gets her evening walkies all year round, of course, but it just isn’t the same in the winter. A quick trip around the block on the lead in the cold, dark rain just isn’t the same as galloping across open fields in the warm sunshine – for her or for me. I use evening walkies time to clear my head and have a good think, but having a good think in the doom and gloom can turn your thoughts somewhat, well, doom and gloom! Taking a stroll in the summer-time, however, while the sun is still hanging low in the sky and the air smells like cut grass, has quite the opposite effect.

I got in kind of late from work, and normally, seeing what a beautiful day I’ve missed, cooped up in the office all day, would have put me in a foul mood, but with the sun still going strong I was determined to soak up the last of the rays, so we headed straight over to the park with Bonnie in tow (well, we were the ones in tow truth be told, It’s not often she’s holding up the rear!). It’s hard not to be cheerful when the sun is shining, and it calmed my senses a treat. Even when Bonnie ran through the swamp, chased the ducks, or disappeared into the bushes for a solid 20 minutes, my serenity remained in tact. Even when she started up with her favourite new game, I found it all amusing rather than stressful like I normally do. The game in question, a bit of a downside the the confidence Bonnie has recently found when off the lead, involves finding an unsuspecting person snoozing under a tree, sneaking up to have a nosey sniff, then when spotted, running circles around them, howling at the top of her lungs, persistently, for a bout of around half an hour! My dog is a fruit loop.

Mental dog behaviour aside, it felt good to relax for a little while even if just temporarily, and take a minute to drink in the scenery instead of stomping past it on the way home, desperately seeking my next glass of wine!

Here’s hoping there are plenty more sunny evening walkies to come, I might need a few in the next few weeks to keep me from going insane!

sunshine bonssunshine bons 2sunshine



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