Outfit: Accidental Roleplay

Some of you may be surprised to learn that I almost went to Drama School. Probably only those of you that know me in real life, actually. Those of you who only know me through this blog and my melodramatic ramblings are probably not surprised in the slightest. But yes, following A-Levels in English, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, I was seriously considering heading off to Drama School to complete my Higher Education. What the long term plan was, I can’t remember exactly, but either way it suddenly dawned on me that 1) I really didn’t like people looking at me, particularly en masse (which must make this blog seem even weirder since I’m always posting pictures of myself) and 2) I wasn’t actually particularly talented when it came to any of the Arts, never mind the Performing ones. So instead I took a gap year and then went to boring old University to do a boring old degree like everyone else.

I have often wondered what direction my life might have taken had I gone down that road, and whether there is still any of the ‘thespian’ left in me. I’m pretty sure there is – you all already know about my tendency to over embellish a story about a bog standard dog walk, and I’m still pretty nuts about the Theatre, particularly Musicals. One thing in particular that seems to have stuck around though, is a penchant for dressing up. Not in the fancy dress sense, you understand (although, if I may say so myself, I am FREAKING AWESOME at fancy dress. There are some interesting photos of me floating around the Facebook Universe, that’s for sure…) but in the sense that I have some sort of unexplainable “talent” (you will notice my use of quotation marks around the word talent. This is because I’m not quite sure how else to describe this particular skill I have, though talent seems to suggest some sort of usefulness, which I’m not sure this does….) for accidentally theming all my outfits.

Take last week for example. I have a lovely red circle skirt that I hadn’t worn for a while, and really wanted to make that day the day. Now, I have a million things I could have worn that skirt with. But I decided it had to be Breton stripes. Not just on top though – oh no, that wasn’t enough – I needed to wear Breton striped shoes too. I went happily on with my day at work dressed like this, and the evening’s dog walk around the park. I was super happy in my lovely red circle skirt. Hell, I deemed it good enough for outfit photos! It wasn’t until I got home and looked through said photos that I realised I had basically gone to work dressed as a Sailor. A Sailor, everyone. All that was missing was a jaunty little hat. In fairness, if I owned one, I’d probably already be wearing it. I just can’t resist a theme, it seems.

It’s not the first time either. And I’m pretty sure I’ll do it again too….




In this post: Red circle skirt, H&M (similar)Breton Stripe top, H&M – Breton stripe peep toes, Primark (similar)

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