Reasons to be Cheerful – Beagle Walking

Arrrrooooooooo Readers!

Bonnie here. Mummy has had a bad day today and says she isn’t capable of writing a cheerful post, so I’m going to instead – everyday is pretty much a Happy Monday for me, as long as there is food involved. And cuddles! And things to chew! I love to chew! But today I particularly wanted to tell you all about what an awesome day I had yesterday.


Mummy and Daddy took me to see my Beagley friends yesterday at Waseley Hills – basically I go tear it up with my other Beagle pals, you know, playing bitey face, rolling in mud, seeing who can find the best stick – the usual. Mummy and Daddy… well, they come to carry my treats, let’s face it. What else are they useful for, apart from belly scratches and throwing a ball? This is pretty much my favourite thing in the world to do (apart from eating out of the bin and chasing geese, of course) and we hadn’t been for ages, so I was SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! So excited that I nearly pulled Mummy’s arm out of the socket to get to the other side of the car park to join the gang, which Mummy didn’t seem too pleased about. Don’t know why, she really should learn to hurry things along, especially when there is playing to be done. That woman knows how to drag her ass, like, seriously? Hurry the hell up. Anyway, once we FINALLY got going, things got really good.

Firstly, it was muddy. OMG SOOOOOO MUDDY! And really, what is the point in a walk if you come back clean? Mummy and Daddy seem to be rubbish at finding the best mud holes on our normal walkies, so I made a special point of showing them how it’s done. I found them, I found them all, and I made a point of having a good old wallow just in case we don’t come back for a while! Secondly, I got to meet these freaky giant things that Mummy called cows. They were, like, SO BIG, and smelt SO GOOD and I reeeeeeeelly wanted to go say hi, but just as we got into their field, Daddy goes and puts me on my lead!! What the hell is that about, guys? I was just being friendly! I’ve never met a cow before! Apparently though, you aren’t meant to greet them in my usual way, running at them full pelt, shouting “Arrrooooooo!” at the top of your voice. They don’t like it. Weirdos. How else are you meant to say hello? Didn’t matter though, ’cause it wasn’t long before I met some other new mates – we bumped into a big gang of huge, hairy doggies. They were…. well they were pretty boring truth be told. Just walking along all quiet and well behaved. They didn’t even want to play bitey face or anything! Thier humans did have the decency to bring some good treats though, except one stoopid lady decided to keep hers in her coat pocket. I tugged and tugged but I just couldn’t get them out. So inconvenient. Think Mummy thought so too, she seemed pretty pissed about it…..

All too soon it was time to go home, but I didn’t really mind ’cause I was pretty pooped from all the chasing. They better take me back soon though, God, anyone would think they have jobs or other things to do or something!

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.


Licks & Sniffs,


P.S In case you were wondering who did end up finding the best stick, it was me, obvs. You should have seen it. BEST STICK EVER. I tried to show Mummy, but she was too busy taking selfies. Standard.

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