Outfit: Accidental Roleplay 2 – Return of the Sailor

Said I’d do it again, didn’t I? What can I say? I can’t wear breton stripes without throwing on some red accessories and getting all nautical. In fact I’m struggling to think of another way that I would actually have worn any of these pieces, they just seem like they were meant to go together. I think I just admitted that I’m not even in control of my outfit choices anymore. This is concerning…. Anyway, the nautical look seems to be synonymous with sunshine to me too, so this outfit put itself together last week, when the weather was doing that thing where it pretends Summer has come back for one day only. It wasn’t though…

After a tough week at work my sister and I decided to let off some steam by having a couple of drinks and some tapas. It was all going well too – it was Friday, the sun was out, we were even sat outside. Then who comes along but our old arch enemy, September, to spoil the fun, bringing it’s dark clouds and another one of those torrential rain showers. Thanks a lot, September. These things shouldn’t happen when you’re wearing breton stripes. I tried to stay in the Summer mood, I really did, but I couldn’t keep up the pretence for long. It got dark early. The fairy lights made me think of Christmas, and that rain just made me want to head home, grab the dog and go to bed early with a hot water bottle and a good movie. So I did. Rock and roll….




In this post: Breton Stripe Top, H&M (Similar) – Navy Chinos, Primark (Similar) – Red Bow Belt, eBay (Similar) – Red Patent Flats, Matalan (Similar) – Necklace, Dorothy Perkins (Similar)

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