Turned On By Toile…

Turned On By Toile…

I am trying so hard not to shop. I swear I am. I even stopped writing shopping posts in the hopes it would stop me obsessing about acquiring MORE NEW THINGS! And for a little while, it worked. But then the season started changing.... The sun started to (admittedly, intermittently...) shine, the days grew longer [...]

December Lust Haves

Ah Twixtmas - that bewildering time of year between Christmas Day and NYE where you have no idea what is up or down. You don't know what day it is. What time is appropriate to get up/go to bed/nap indefinitely. You feel like you should be starting to detox after all of that aggressive binge [...]

Fantasy Friday (On A Saturday…!) – Dolce & Gabbana Sequined Pants

Oopsie. Had this post planned on a perfectly appropriate day, and then life an all that Christmas jazz happened, so here we are. Of course, as I pointed out in this post, it is completely ludicrous that the content of any given post should be dictated by what day it is, so to heck with [...]

Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin So Kate Specchio Boots

So, Halloween is done. Bonfire night is done. And there was a heavy duty dusting of frost on the ground this morning, so as far as I'm concerned, Autumn is generally DONE DONE DONE! Which can only mean one thing - the festive season is upon us! So it is time to start fantasising about [...]