Fifty Shades of Grey (and Black, and Brown, and Beige….)


So, I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m not a fan of Winter. I’ve already moaned about it a heck of a lot and it’s not even October yet! I really do want to be one of those people who sees the positive in everything, who can marvel at the frost on the ground and the pretty falling leaves etc, but I’m not. I’m basically a bit of a miserable cow, so the onset of grey skies and rain and dark nights does nothing to lift my mood. Luckily I’m easily distracted, so when I wake up feeling incapable of dragging myself out into the cold I turn to one of numerous cheering up tactics, like getting myself a seasonal coffee or watching a Christmas themed movie. Or eating cake! Eating cake always works.

One of my most failsafe methods of cheering myself up though, isn’t working right now. Normally, when I’m feeling a bit glum, I take myself window shopping. I don’t have to spend anything, just wandering around town looking at what the shops have to offer is enough. Maybe popping inside so I can feel the fabric, check out the price tags, mentally tot up how much I need to save if I was to fill all the imaginary gaps in my wardrobe…. Usually, this works a treat, and takes my mind off whatever is bothering me, at least for a couple of hours. Lately though, it’s just not doing the trick, because every store window is looking a little bit like this….

Is it against the law to wear colour during the Winter or something? Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing black – something that used to irk my Grandad no end, who thought young ladies should wear pretty, colourful clothes more befitting of their sunny personas – but I don’t want to wear it all the way through to March! As if life isn’t depressing enough when the sun retires and the cold draws in, without them sucking all colour and fun out of their collections. It’s as though they think we should be in mourning. I suppose if I actually knew anything about Fashion I’d be telling you it all looks chic and stylish, but I don’t, so to me it looks drab and dreary. It’s bad enough we have to pile on as many layers as possible and cover every visible inch of skin now to avoid catching frostbite (ok, a mild case of the lurgy) without making those layers as dull as they can get.

Even the online stores are at it….

Bring back some colour please! Otherwise I might just decide not to bother getting dressed at all and stay inside under a blanket! Oh well, I guess there is still Christmas party glitz and sequins to come….



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