Reasons to be Cheerful – Mother Nature


Ok, I’ll admit it. There are some upsides to this time of the year. If you can look past the fact that you’re probably going to be a snotty mess for 75% of the next few months, will spend most of the time with your hair somewhere between windswept and rained on, and will forget what daylight looks like, every now and then this dreary old season will throw you a curve ball. Mother Nature does some pretty spectacular things when Summer draws to a close that almost, almost, make it worth going outside for.

I said almost. Don’t get too excited.

I spent most of the early morning today berating myself for not having the willpower to stay up late and watch the lunar eclipse, which also happened to be a super blood moon. Not just a super moon, or a blood moon. A super blood moon. With an eclipse. Even I’m smart enough to know that sounds like something pretty spesh, and I fully intended to wait it out and sneak a peek myself, maybe get all arty and take some shots with my iPhone. Except I drank a bottle of wine at dinner with the family, got all snuggly in my PJs and fluffy bed socks (another upside for Winter! Because wearing them at the height of Summer would be a bit daft really….) put on a movie and promptly fell into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. So I was a bit annoyed when I woke up and realised I’d completely forgotten about it all. Luckily, lots of my Facebook friends and helpful folk all over the News took plenty of photos for me to look at instead. So many photos in fact, that I started to feel a bit smug that I got to stay warm in bed and snooze while they braved the cold and dark night, and yet I got to reap all the benefits when I woke up the next day. Fools! But then some clever know-it-all lunar expert on BBC Breakfast said that the red hue of the blood moon was basically the reflection of all the sunrises and sunsets all over the world happening at once, and I thought ‘Bummer. That sounds pretty cool actually.’ and felt like the kid who didn’t get invited to the party that all my friends went to without me, where they all bonded in my absence and decided they didn’t really like me that much any more. Then he said there wouldn’t be another one until 2033 and made things even worse. What’s that about? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a super blood moon eclipse before last week, and now someone is telling me I can’t see it again for another 18 years I’m all ‘HOW THE HELL AM I MEANT TO COPE FOR THE NEXT 18 YEARS KNOWING I’M THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO MISSED THE SUPER BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD? HOW???!’ I mean, I could give birth to a child who will grow up and become legally allowed to vote before I get to see one again. How do I go on knowing that?

Well, as it happens, I go on just fine knowing that, because I forgot about it all within about half an hour, when I started my usual commute through the park and got distracted by how pretty the mist looked. I know, attention span of a goldfish, me. Anyway, the combination of a clear night and the dewy grass had created he most spectacular rolling fog I’ve ever seen. The sun had not long come up, bathing everything in a beautiful golden light, and the whole park looked like the set of Wuthering Heights. On the downside though, it was freaking FREEZING. Well, it wouldn’t have been if I’d been dressed more appropriately, but the weather girl had been so enthusiastic telling everyone how positively balmy it was going to be today that I forgot it was September, and my bare ankles and flimsy blazer did not offer much solace from the Autumn chill. In fact, I almost lost a few fingers taking these pics for you, so I hope you appreciate it. Of course within about two hours it really was positively balmy, and my flimsy blazer made me feel like I was dying of heat exhaustion. Cus that’s just how September rolls, the crazy bitch.

So, maybe life aint so bad in Winter after all. Silver linings and all that!



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