Outfit: Festival Fun


A couple of weeks ago my neighbourhood threw a street party. Now, you know me, I don’t like people. So hundreds of people out in the street at once? What if they try and talk to me? No thanks. People that live near me, so I might bump into in the pub every now and then and have to make awkward small talk because I’m pretty sure I had a conversation with them one time but can’t remember their name and am too polite to say so? Double no thanks. So obviously, I stayed in, locked the doors and drew the curtains, right?

Wrong. As it turns out, street parties are kinda fun. We stumbled across this event last year by accident and ended up having a great time. In fairness, we were in a bit of a gin haze having just come from a gin festival and the sun was shining, so that might have had something to do with it. Either way we decided to check it out again this year, and it didn’t disappoint. Two streets were closed off, live bands played, all the local businesses had stalls selling food and drink (thanks very much Low and Slow for the best pulled pork bap I’ve ever eaten). Most surprisingly, THE PUBLIC managed to not be huge douche bags for the majority of the day – win. So maybe I can stand to be around other people once in a while after all. Maybe I’ll go to more festivals now. Maybe I’ll even go to Glastonbury! Ok, maybe not Glastonbury. Anyway, I think this either means I’m mellowing out as a human being as I get older and wiser, or that copious amounts of cherry beer increase my tolerance levels tenfold. Just to be safe I think it’s best I keep myself topped up with that sweet, fruity goodness at all times….

In other news, I wore a tea dress, tights and boots. ‘That’s not news!’ I hear you say, ‘You wear a tea dress everyday now!’ Incorrect – I wear floral tea dresses every day now. This one has butterflies on. No foliage whatsoever. Completely different thing.

festivalpulled porkfestival frockfestival2festival4face



In this post: Butterfly Tea Dress, Oasis (similar) – Pink Cross Body Bag, Primark (similar) – Leather Jacket, Topshop (similar)

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