Outfit: Being Boho

Lo, the wind and rain has descendeth, and so begins November. I was woefully inept at outfit posting last month. Well, I haven’t been great at outfit posting the rest of the year either really (Note to self: Must get new camera). But my point was, it’s not easy to blog about your clothes during Autumn and Winter. The lack of daylight hours doesn’t help, and sadly I’m not the kind of person who has a beautiful, stylish, well lit spot in their house for photo opportunities (Note to self: Must get new house). Even if I had both of those things though, I’d find it a struggle. I just feel so uninspired. Strange, because I certainly haven’t stopped buying clothes and shoes. In fact I seem to have bought more than ever since the clocks changed, but even with my ever expanding wardrobe of lovely frocks and skirts, once you’ve thrown on a pair of boots and a coat everything ends up looking the same. I basically feel like I wear pretty much the same thing every day at the moment, so even if I took the pics I’d find it hard to think of anything to write about them. Never did I think they day would come when I found a new frock un-blogworthy!

New boots though, thats a different story! And last month I found the holy grail of boots, so at least for the next few weeks I’ll be happy to wear them with everything, and probably photograph them too. I bet you literally can’t wait…. Anyway, my new little ray of sunshine came in the form of Topshop’s ‘Beacon’ Boots. I was a little put off by the pictures when I first saw these as they looked a little wide at the top, but I spotted them unworn on eBay at the bargain price of £50 and it was a done deal. I’m absolutely thrilled with them – these are the perfect length, hitting just underneath the knee which I find far more flattering than those that end just above the calf, and are made of a lovely, stiff suede that, in my case anyway, doesn’t bunch around the ankles too much. They’re high enough to feel dressy if you wish, but with a chunky enough heel that you can wear them all day long without getting sore feet or wearing out the heel tips too quickly, so an excellent all-rounder. I chose to wear them with this rather old folk print Primark dress as I felt they both tied in nicely with this season’s 70’s look (HA! Look at me pretending to know anything about ‘fashion’!) and a little boho style satchel. And a coat, obviously, but coats are boring, so who cares?

Being BohoBoots 3

The Beacons also come in a brown leather, which I’m also finding rather tempting, but if I could only find them in a tan suede or burgundy, life would be complete! Back to the eBay search!



NB: Coats aren’t boring. MY coats are boring. There are lots of non-boring coats out there I wish to own…..

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