Outfit: When I Grow Up….

I remember someone asking me once what I wanted to be when I grew up, and answering, “A Mummy”. Not the Ancient Egyptian kind, you understand. Just a regular, run of the mill Mum. It’s not that I didn’t want a job or a career, it just literally didn’t cross my mind. I just wanted to have some babies, I never really thought about how I’d pay for them.

These days I don’t feel hugely different. I’m not entirely convinced I’m grown up yet, for a start, but still the only thing that seems certain about what I want to be is a Mummy. Maybe I have no ambition, maybe I’m just not one of those lucky people who has found their ‘niche’, either way, the image of the job I’ll have when I’m ‘grown up’ is still rather fuzzy.

So when my friend decided to throw a ‘When I Grow Up’ themed housewarming party, to celebrate her joining the ranks of supposed Adulthood by owning a home, there seemed only one option for my outfit. But I couldn’t just throw on everyday clothes and lug a doll around with me all night could I? Where is the fun in that, I ask you?? I have a wardrobe full of completely over the top skirts and dresses that rarely get an airing in real life, damn it! So, of course, I donned a giant skirt and went 50’s stylee.

Please don’t hate me – I’m not one of those morons that actually thinks life as a full time mother is basically the same as being a ‘Lady Wot Lunches’. I know it’s hard work. I know the skirts will get even less outings. I know I will probably run out of time to brush my hair most days and forget what liquid eyeliner is, but I wanted to look like a I made an effort (have I mentioned how much I hate it when people do half-assed fancy dress?) and also, GIANT SKIRT. There was nothing ‘Mum’ like about my outfit in reality. Except maybe the pinny. No mother in her right mind would wear pastel pink suede peep shoes outside in November really, would she? (I probably will though knowing me, kids or not).

Unfortunately, I took far too long getting ready so only had time to take these two awful, blurry, drunken photos:


So I had no choice but to put it on all over again to take more pics! I make no apologies – I got to wear the skirt twice.

pinnyskirtpink shoes



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